Preventing Septic Problems

Properly maintaining your septic system isn’t a difficult task but it is often over looked. Many times, homeowners don’t think about their septic system until a problem arises, which often results in an expensive repair or replacement bill. The good news, however, is you can help prevent a septic disaster with a few simple maintenance procedures.

Waste Not Want Not
That old saying goes with septic systems as well and you should always practice the “be wise with water” moniker. Using too much water could put a strain on your septic system, not to mention it costs you more in monthly bills and puts your septic tank at a danger of failure.

Prepare it for the Seasons
As with other systems in your home, such as your heating and cooling unit, you should properly prep your septic for the changing of the seasons. For example, winter garden septic services prep the system for a drop in temperature, such as installing installation around exposed pipes, which really isn’t needed during the spring and summer months.

Get it Serviced Regularly
One of the best ways to ensure your septic system is up and running for the long haul is to have it serviced by a trusted professional every one to three years. The trained individual will be able to point out in potential issues that you may run into and stop them dead in their tracks before they turn into a much bigger problem.

Keep the Ground Clear
The ground around your septic tank should be kept clear at all times, and you should never park vehicles or plant deep rooted vegetation on your septic tank or leach field. Furthermore, make sure to keep the area free of debris, such as leaves, so the area has easy access in case of an septic emergency.

Proper care of a septic system doesn’t take a lot of manpower or time, just a little mindfulness. Neglecting your septic system is a sure fire while to end up paying out the nose for a repair or replacement that you could have easily prevented with a little preventive maintenance.