4 Tips for small living room interior design

Could it be possible to make your small living room appear larger? A small living room does not have to appear claustrophobic. It also doesn’t have to be boring. If your living space is limited, there are a number of clever design tricks you can employ to make the most of your limited space. There are actually many ways to make your living room look bigger by adding the illusion of space.

We bring here 4 ways to make a living room appear larger, lighter, and brighter.


Make the right sofa choice

Because the sofa will be the largest piece of furniture in your living room, it’s important to choose the right colour and size. And which colours of sofas make a space appear larger? A neutral sofa can help lighten the room, but it’s important to remember that neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. Use soft tones like off-white, blues, and greens for the best effect, and remember that brighter rooms feel bigger and more inviting.


Choose light colours for the walls

Color has the unique ability to transform any space, and with the right choice, you can create the ideal atmosphere for your home. You can stick to light tones like white, cream, and grey to keep your room scheme light, airy, and open. This is especially effective in small spaces with limited natural light sources. Light colours will make any small living room feel light and airy – cosy but not confining.

Fill in the gaps in a corner

Even though it may seem counterintuitive, filling a small living room corner with one large piece of furniture – a sofa or armchair – can give the impression of more space. This arrangement not only adds a unique dimension to the room, but it also seats more people and makes the rest of the space feel uncluttered.

add mirrors

Add mirrors

Mirrors are multitasking machines. They not only make you look good, but they can also make your rooms appear larger, brighter, and better. Mirrors can make a space appear bigger and more open. To create the illusion of depth, choose a focal point and angle your mirrors toward it.

These above-mentioned options will surely make your small living room look much bigger than it appears to be.

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