5 Excellent Reasons You Need to Buy an Ottoman Bed


An open grey upholstered ottoman bed   in a bright an airy bedroom with large windows

Love Sleep Palermo Divan Ottoman Bed

Research has shown that the average person will spend over 27 years of their life asleep. Isn’t that just incredible? That is over 236,520 hours that we will spend in bed. When you put it like that it becomes extremely obvious that we should invest wisely when buying a bed. Comfort should of course be our main concern and we should make sure that we opt for a bed that provides the right support.

But if we are spending a significant amount of money on a bed, it makes sense to choose one that offers as many advantages as possible. For me personally, you just can’t beat ottoman beds when it comes to choosing a bed that offers additional benefits over and above comfort.

So today I wanted to share with you five excellent reasons to consider ottoman beds when choosing your next bed.

1. Ottoman beds offer extra storage

An open ottoman bed full of cushions and

The divan ottoman beds from Beds on Legs have four gas pistons and a solid enclosed base.

Top of my list is the very obvious fact that ottoman beds provide a huge amount of extra storage space. I live in a small two-bedroom flat where space is very limited and I wouldn’t be without my ottoman bed. My bedroom wouldn’t have half the storage space it has now if I had a regular bedstead frame or a divan bed without the storage.

We do have a loft luckily, but sometimes you want to keep things handy and close by if it is something that you use often. The storage space an ottoman bed offers is the perfect solution for these kinds of items. We store all our spare bedding inside ours and we also keep our bags and backpacks inside that we use regularly but only one at a time. We just don’t have anywhere else to keep them.

When choosing between ottoman beds, look for ones that have an enclosed ottoman base that does not sit on the floor like some of the cheaper products. You want to make sure that whatever you are storing in your ottoman bed is protected and well looked after so opt for quality every time. 

2. Ottoman beds provide easy access

An open ottoman bed full of cushions in a grey bedroom with a panelled wall behind

Aurora ottoman beds from Beds on Legs

As I said, ottoman beds provide easy access to the belongings stored within. But it’s not just that they are in a convenient place. The storage is easier to access than other options such as having boxes or vacuum bags under the bed and also easier than pull-out drawers in a divan bed.

Most divan ottoman beds have four gas pistons, making them easier to open and close. This assisted mechanism takes the weight of the mattress and bedding so you can open and close the bed without having to remove anything. So there is no heavy lifting required.

The hydraulic arms are also a safety mechanism as they prevent the mattress from slamming closed unexpectedly, which could obviously cause injuries.  

You can also choose between two opening options. Some ottoman beds are hinged at the top by the headboard, whilst others are hinged on the side. So you can take the layout of the room into account and work out which option will provide the easiest access for you.

3. Ottoman beds come in all styles

A blue ottoman bed with white bedding    and a tall tufted headboard in a large white airy bedroom

Button Divan from Beds on Legs

There is such a great selection of ottoman beds available now that there is no need to compromise on style. Whether you are looking for a traditional upholstered ottoman bed with button tufting (as above), something with a more modern, simplistic feel with vertical stitching perhaps or whether you’d rather choose an ottoman bed with a large statement headboard, the options are anything but limited.

There is a varied choice of fabrics and colours to choose from so you are bound to be able to find the perfect ottoman bed for your style.

4. Ottoman beds come in all sizes

A blue upholstered ottoman bed against a sage green panelled wall

Bee’s knees Hermine upholstered winged divan ottoman bed from Beds on Legs

The same goes for size. There is no need to limit yourself when looking for the best option for your particular space. Ottoman beds come in many sizes from the 2ft6 small single ottoman beds right up to the positively capacious 6ft super king size ottoman beds.

5. Ottoman beds help keep you organised

An open ottoman bed full of cushions in a grey bedroom with a panelled wall behind

Love Sleep Elm Divan ottoman bed from Beds on Legs

The final benefit of choosing an ottoman bed for your bedroom is that they keep you more organised. It’s easier to overlook just how important it is to keep our bedrooms organised as the majority of the time we spend in the bedroom is when we are asleep. But research suggests that cluttered and disorganised bedrooms can worsen sleep. They can leave us feeling more stressed and anxious which hinders our ability to fall asleep and wake up rested.

Having an ottoman bed provides space to get organised in the bedroom, which will help to improve your sleep. For example, maybe as winter approaches, you might choose to store your summer wardrobe under the bed as it won’t be needed for an extended period. This will free up space in your wardrobe for the clothes that you will be wearing.

Perhaps you will store your shoes under the bed to avoid cluttering up the porch or hallway with excess footwear. Or maybe you will store your decorative throw pillows and blankets under the bed when you go to sleep at night instead of leaving them on the floor or on a bench.

So what do you think? Are you convinced by the benefits of ottoman beds? If so, don’t forget to pin this post for later.

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5 excellent reasons to buy an ottoman bed


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