8 laptop storage ideas to store your computer at home

The best laptop storage ideas will make sure your precious computer has a secure place to reside when you’re not using it. As while it’s easy to move your laptop around your home, it can be a bit of a lottery as to where it may end up at the end of a busy working day. While it can be easy to stash your laptop behind the sofa cushions or balance it on paperwork piles on your desk, if it doesn’t have its own place it can be vulnerable to irreversible damage – be it from bumps, scratches, falls and dreaded water spillages. 

But giving your laptop it’s own bed for the night when you’re not tap, tap, tapping away on it can be a game changer. A slim drawer in the living room, a large, stylish box on top of a shelf or a purpose-designed laptop storage bag can all be excellent options to consider. 

No matter where you stand on the Mac vs PC debate, here we run through a few of our favorite laptop storage ideas with tips on how to organise your home office. It’ll help to make the transition from working from home to relaxing at home that much easier. 

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Laptop storage ideas: 8 ways to store your computer 

1. On a shelf above your desk

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We’ll start with the most obvious place to store your laptop at the end of the day – on a shelf above your desk in whatever counts as your home office. With the phrase ‘tidy desk, tidy mind’ in mind, we suggest clearing the decks at the end of the day by placing your laptop on a shelf up high.