A Professional Organizers Guide To A Capsule Wardrobe


How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe 

If you’ve made it this far, a capsule wardrobe obviously interests you quite a bit. But how do you actually create one for yourself? Well, truth be told — a capsule wardrobe is achieved in a similar fashion *wink* to a beautifully organized home. 

Be Intentional

First, by being intentional about what you like + what you’ll wear… then there’s no sense in buying (or keeping) clothes in your closet that you won’t actually wear. 

And I know that sounds obvious but when it comes to our lives, our homes and yes our closets… So many of us skip the step of “assessing” what we actually want.

So, boo — don’t do this 🙂

Determine Your Base

Like anything good in life — a solid foundation is how a capsule wardrobe works. And while we’ll  get into the particulars of what these staples are for men, women + kids in a minute know that some fashion experts call these “key” items or “staple” articles of clothing. 

We’re calling them a base because that’s what they are. Foundational pieces that give you functional flexibility to have as many outfits as you can pull together.

Decide What’s Enough

So, how many tops, bottoms, shoes etc should you have? 

Well, that’s where this process is a bit cyclical. What we mean is that, what one person determines as enough — might be too many for someone else. And so making the determination of how many pairs of pants you need or the specific number of shoes that you keep is really about getting back to the first step, being intentional about what you’ll actually wear. 

For some that number might be a total of 15 articles of clothes while for others that means 60. The number is simply an irrelevant benchmark. 

What matters is wearing what you have.

Have Multiples Of What You’ll Wear A Lot

On the surface, that might sound like it goes against the grain of a capsule wardrobe but it’s true. If you’ll wear a white v-neck shirt or a black-top more often than not — don’t be afraid to have an extra for when one is in the laundry.

Capsule Wardrobe For Women

Ladies, these are intended to be guides so here is what a capsule wardrobe for women might look like. 

  • Jackets (leather, denim, winter, blazer)

  • Tops (t-shirts, sweaters, cardigans, button downs, blouses)

  • Pants (tailored dress pants, jeans)

  • Shoes (boots, flats, shoes, sandals)

  • Special Occasions (a little black dress, jumpsuit, pencil skirt)

  • Activity Specific (yoga, workout, etc)

Capsule Wardrobe For Men

And below is what a capsule wardrobe for men might look like. Remember guys, only have in your closet what is necessary for you.

  • Jackets (formal, casual, winter)

  • Tops (t-shirts, button downs, henleys, polos, sweaters)

  • Pants (formal pants, jeans, khaki’s)

  • Shoes (boots, shoes, sandals)

  • Special Occasions (

  • Activity Specific (workout, outdoors, etc)

Capsule Wardrobe For Kids

Lastly, below is what a capsule wardrobe for kids might look like. Keep in mind, kids are growing so the less is more approach is perfectly appropriate 🙂

  • Everyday Tops 

  • Everyday Bottoms

  • Special Occasions

  • Shoes (boots, shoes, sandals)

  • Activity Specific (playing in the dirt, etc)


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