Antiquing for Antique Distressed Furniture

A piece of furniture is considered and antique when it is one-hundred years old. After a hundred-year-old piece of furniture begins to exhibit age wear and imperfections, it becomes antique distressed furniture. Distressed items are heavily searched for by antique hunters because they offer unique qualities that cannot be reproduced easily.

If you are looking for distressed furniture and plan on antiquing for it, I have some important things for you to consider. There are people who have developed ways to give modern pieces a distressed look. To protect yourself, ask yourself the following questions when considering distressed pieces.

Outside of the distressed look, is the item in good condition? An antique of this style WILL show some age. Look for giveaways such as square corners or modern screws or nails.

Ask the seller targeted questions about the piece you are looking at… and never accept an answer that is vague or that appears evasive. When dealing in antiques, you will quickly learn that for every honest and forthcoming dealer, there will be two looking to profit from an uninformed prospect. Your best tool is knowledge.

Be sure to feel the antique, as well. It might not seem so on a conscious level, but you differentiate between an old piece of furniture and a modern one by feel. This ability will increase as your experience with touching wood, leather, and other materials grows.

While you antique for distressed furniture, please know that there are places other than antique shops where you can find great pieces of furniture.

Some great places to find antique furniture include estate sales, garage sales, and auction houses. Not every seller will have a true idea of the value of their item, so you can potentially do very well for yourself. If you find a piece with a high level of excellence at one of these sales, but it has some damage, you can have a pro repair it and still make a very good return.

Also, If you’re on the fence about a particular piece, ask if the seller will hold it for you, then come back with an antique dealer to look it over. This will also give you a chance to think over the full price and get an unbiased valuation from a professional to help you make the right decision.

Antique distressed furniture can add tremendous elegance and character to your home. Just remember to keep your guard up so that you get the best possible deal when shopping for distressed furniture.

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