Audi’s Q1 2022 Shows Increased Profit And Dramatically Increased EV Sales


Audi and its brands stay successful in a tough environment.

The results are in, and the Audi Group, which consists of Audi, Lamborghini, Ducati, and Bentley, was able to grow operating profit to €3.5 billion in the first quarter, and Audi says that the group is on track to deliver nearly 2 million vehicles this year with an operating margin of 9 to 11 percent. 

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Vehicle deliveries struggled while the pandemic and supply chain crises still plague much of the world, but in better news, fully electric vehicle deliveries increased by over 66 percent compared to Q1 2021, going from 14,583 to 24,236 fully electric vehicles delivered worldwide. With Bentley being the group’s newest member, revenue increased to nearly €14.3 billion, with an operating return on sales at 24.3 percent, over double the 10 percent of Q1 2021. With Lamborghini, Ducati, and Bentley all experiencing similar success, Audi is on track to meet and possibly surpass the great expectations it set out for 2022, and with a portfolio full of amazing cars, it’s far from impossible to achieve them.

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