Barbados Attractions

Perhaps the main reason why many people choose to vacation in Barbados is the attraction of sun and sea. Whether you enjoy simply lying in the sun, or if you want to participate in more active water sports and activities – there is plenty to interest visitors.

It would be wrong however to think that Barbados is just about sun and sea. There are other attractions and places of the interest, that you are sure to want to see. These include:

* Harrison’s Cave – Harrison’s Cave is probably the most popular tourist attraction on the island. It is actually a system of caves formed by water naturally eroding limestone rock. Visitors can travel through the cave on a tram, and see a variety of unusual stalactite and stalagmite rock formations.

* Barbados Concorde Experience – Barbados (along with London, New York City and Paris) was one of only four regular destinations that the Concorde airliner visited. This fact is commemorated by the Barbados Concorde Experience which includes a retired Concorde aircraft, and information about the history and development of this remarkable aircraft.

* Kensington Oval – Known simply as “The Mecca” to locals, Kensington Oval is one of the main sports facilities on Barbados. It is mainly used for cricket, but other sports such as hockey and football, and other events, such as beauty pageants are also sometimes held there.

* Andromeda Gardens – A horticultural park and botanical gardens which is home to more than 600 species of plants. The gardens began as the private collection of the Bajan horticulturalist, Iris Bannochie, which was left to the Barbados National Trust after Bannochie’s death in 1988.

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