Bridesmaid Dresses With Boots:11 Styles To Shine In A Winter Wedding

Winter is a sought-after season for weddings. This time of year is when the coolness brings out the warmth in lovers’ hearts. Imagine walking in a pure white snow blanket during a heartfelt serenade washed over the chilling air at a winter wedding. Tying the knot in the crisp atmosphere feels like a fairytale that comes to life.

One of the main staples in a winter wonderland wedding is dressy boots. And why not? Boots warm the feet without looking boring. It’s an excellent winter wedding footwear for the bridesmaids to keep them on their toes even in chilly weather.

Nonetheless, boots don’t go well with every style, so we compiled the best bridesmaid dresses complimenting cosy footwear.

Long Sleeves Chiffon Dress


Chiffon adds a touch of luxury to any bridesmaid look. It’s a versatile fabric that goes well in all seasons. Wearing a long sleeve chiffon makes the ladies warm and fashionable at the same time. Choose a dress that has a floor-length train to keep them comfortable.

Moreover, a long sleeve chiffon bridesmaid dress hides the footwear perfectly. This means the bride tribe can wear any boots they want without ruining the luxurious outfit. It’s a good thing a beautiful dress like this one comes in many colour shades, so it fits well with any winter wedding theme.

Long Sleeves Velvet Dress With Slit


There are a lot of reasons why velvet goes well with winter. One is the added rich texture velvet contributes to any bridesmaid dress. This type of fabric never goes out of style in a winter wonderland wedding which also captures the season’s atmosphere.

Pick a velvet dress with long sleeves to keep warm while adding a slit to make it sexier. But, of course, choosing this dress means the girls must have almost similar boots as people can see their shoes. Do you want a suggestion? Go for white ankle boots.

Flowy Cap Sleeves Dress with Pockets


Who says the bride’s best friends can’t look delicate like a summer flower in a snowy climate? A flowy cap sleeve dress in soft shades like dusty rose or sky blue thrives in a winter wedding. The ladies can search for trustworthy brands like Cicinia for the perfect dress. 

What’s more?  This type of dress with pockets that flawlessly store small essential items like gums, hair ties, handkerchiefs or compact powder. Now that’s a dress worth a steal!

Elegant Short Sleeves Velvet Dress


Well, weddings during winter are usually indoors for obvious reasons. But, of course, couples don’t want everyone stone-cold in dropping temperatures. The reception inside a comfortable venue means the girls can flaunt their stunning dresses. It’s better to select an elegant short sleeve velvet dress for a special occasion.

An elegant velvet dress like this goes well with boots adorned with white lace. It’s not actually floor length but long enough to show your shoes’ design.

Kimono-style Short Sleeve Satin Dress


Make the bride’s girlfriends stand out with a kimono-style dress with short sleeves. Instead, opt for a satin fabric to exude an opulent look and a classy vibe. The bridesmaid dress makes the ceremony lively as the wearer will feel confident and empowered.

Imagine the bridesmaids looking lavish and ethereal while walking down the aisle. Now, that’s something a kimono-style satin dress with short sleeves could offer.

Chiffon Split Long Dress


Take inspiration from the graceful goddesses with chiffon split long dresses with almost translucent cap sleeves. The lightweight material lets the bridesmaid move fluidly as they assist the bride on her big day.

In addition, the soft detail at the front of the dress adds an extra touch to the whole look. Pair it with neutral cutout booties adorn with white ties and lace inserts to make it more feminine. It’s interesting how a simple chiffon dress can turn into an elegant dress with the proper boots.

Spaghetti Straps Ruffles Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress


Here’s a bright idea: Wear spaghetti straps. No, wait! Hear us out for a second. Do you know not everyone is a fan of long sleeves? Bridesmaids can wear sexy spaghetti straps with a suitable fabric and style. The best way to wear a spaghetti strap during winter is with ruffles in a chiffon bridesmaid dress.

Furthermore, you can add a furry shawl or textured bolero if you want a spaghetti strap, but it is doubtful if the venue will be warm enough. The bridesmaids will look chic either way.

Unique Sleeveless V-neck Chiffon Dress


Look regal with a spaghetti strap chiffon dress that has a plunging V-neckline. It’s a floor-length dress that can pair up with grey or neutral-shade boots. The bridesmaids can enjoy a sleeveless dress decorated with laces and linings.

Another way to wear this unique dress is by pairing it with a furry coat or shawl.

V-back Mid Sleeve Dress


Select a bridesmaid dress that gives a wow factor, like a V-back. It looks simple in the front but has a surprising effect at the back. Although it’s winter, there’s no rule you can’t have a bareback dress at a wedding. Well, except if it’s on the dress code.

Nonetheless, this dress comes alive with ankle boots in pure white or neutral shades, depending on what goes excellent.

Lace Chiffon Mini Dress


Winter shouldn’t stop the girls from wearing whatever length of dress they want. The bridesmaids can have a lace chiffon dress that surprises the crowd because of its length and design. 

More so, winter isn’t only for long sleeves and floor-length dresses. This outfit will definitely go well with trendy boots.

Cap Sleeves Mini Velvet Dress


Velvet equates to a festive party, and wearing one creates a lavish environment. So instead, wear a cap sleeve mini dress that screams royalty at its finest. It’s an amazing dress to wear at winter nuptials, especially if it’s for the bridesmaids.

The extra ruffles on the sleeves project the fun night ahead after the ceremony. But don’t worry, and it’s still an appropriate dress as long as it’s paired with boots that complement the colour.

The Style for Winter Wedding Bridesmaids

Boots are the best footwear during winter weddings because of the cosiness it brings to the table. It has also flatter different dress styles like those found in Cicinia.

Now that the bridesmaid’s look is in check, it’s time to look into other things on your wedding plan. Do you need more wedding tips? Read more of our blogs and follow us today!

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