Brief History of Leather Craft

Leather crafts are wonderful gifts that you can give to your loved ones. They are fashionable and stylish in their own way and would last for quite a long time. Many wonderful things like wallet, purses, belts, jackets, luggage, furniture renovation and inner decors of a car can be made from leather.

How did leather come into being? Actually,its have existed many centuries ago and had been used for decorative and functional purposes. It has evolved into many forms at its early stages in history such as the following:

– Ancient leather craft was used as status symbol way back during the Roman and Egyptian times. It was also popularly used in different cultures across Africa, Asia, America and Europe.

– Vegetable tanning was a basic tanning method during the ancient Hebrew times where a tree bark extract known as “tannis” was used. Tannis is currently still being used to make luggage and leather furniture.

– During the Medieval times, tanning tools were guarded because of the trade it brought to the different cultures. Spain benefited from tanning because they were able to use it in complicated leather making.

– Chrome tanning was widely accepted in the 19th century and it was substituted for tannis. This technique is still being used for all leather tanning in our present time.

– Contemporary leather craft is currently used in the manufacture of clothes, shoes, furniture and other things. There is also the rise of synthetic leather a material made from plastic and other synthetic materials.

Its are very popular due to their versatility. You can use them for any occasion and you would still look as trendy and modish in any style you want to project. Leather can outlast any other fashion style and will still be functional in the years to come.

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