Choosing A Plumbing Expert

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or just want to spruce it up a bit, there are times in every remodeling project when you need to call in the experts. In the case of some kitchen and bathroom jobs, this means hiring a plumber. Getting the right person for the job can be a bit difficult, but knowing what to ask for can make the process considerably easier on both your nerves, and your wallet.

First, look at the overall job, and figure out exactly what you need the professional to do. Then, check with friends, family members, co-workers to see who had a similar task to complete, and which plumbing company they chose to handle it. If that doesn’t work, you can always check the local phone book and call around until you find one to your liking.

Once you find a company or individual that meets your needs, have them quote you a price, to make sure it’s within your budget. If you have a specific set of instructions, such as brands you’d prefer to use or colors you want, provide that information along with details on where you found the items.

Also, make sure that if they have to remove any existing items, such as sinks or toilets that cost is included in the estimate they provide. For a large project, such as a complete bathroom renovation, you might want think about paying for the plumbing fixtures (bathtubs, sinks, etc), and have the company provide things like the piping, to keep costs reasonable.

If the estimate is acceptable, there are a few more things to check out before the work begins. Find out how long the person or company has been in the plumbing business, and are they licensed and insured. Ask if they have any references that you can speak to regarding their work; if so, find out if the previous customers were happy with the job done, were there any problems and how were they resolved and would they use this person or company again.

Also, make sure that the company you hire can provide someone to come out with little notice, in the event of an emergency. Most professionals should have a 24-hour emergency service of some sort available.

Finally, after everything has been checked out, draw up a contract that specifies what they are to do, how much it will cost, the types/brands of materials they will use during the project, when the work will begin and an estimated finish date.

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