Choosing between bifold or sliding doors for your extension? There is now a third-option

Creating a seamless transition from inside to outside has become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s no surprise why. Who wouldn’t want a gorgeous kitchen extension that can easily be opened up to an outdoor dining area for snuggling around a fire in winter, or enjoying a cocktail in summer?

Unfortunately, with most traditional aluminium frame sliding doors (opens in new tab) or bifold doors (opens in new tab) the effect of opening up to the outside is often interrupted. Each has their benefits – bifold doors can be stacked to completely open a room up while sliding doors have the benefit of large glass panels and slim frames letting in plenty of light.

Slide and turn doors overlook a garden

(Image credit: IDSystems)

However, there is now a third option. Unlike the other two options, slide and turn doors are relatively new to the market. Slide and turn doors, including IDSystems’ award-winning vistaline system, combine the narrow sightlines of sliding doors with the option to completely open up the space like bifold doors.

Innovative design for a seamless transition

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