Choosing the Right Grass for Your Nebraska Lawn 

How to Choose the Right Grass Seed for Your Region

When it comes to choosing a type of grass for your lawn, there are many factors to consider. With its unique climate, soil conditions, and levels of precipitation, Nebraska presents some unique challenges when it comes to selecting the right grass. Let’s explore the best types of grass for Nebraska lawns and how to ensure they stay healthy and lush all year round. 

Cool Season Grasses 

The most common type of grass in Nebraska is cool season grasses. Cool season grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, and fescue thrive in cold weather and tend to remain green throughout winter months.

These types of grass require regular mowing at least once per week during peak growth periods (spring and fall) but can be cut less frequently during summertime when it’s hot outside. It’s important to remember that cool season grasses will go dormant during extreme heat so make sure you keep up with watering your lawn to prevent brown patches from appearing.

Warm Season Grasses 

Warm season grasses such as bermudagrass and zoysiagrass are more tolerant of drought conditions than cool season grasses but require more maintenance overall. Warmer temperatures trigger rapid growth in these types of grass which means they need to be mowed more often than cool season varieties. 

They also require regular fertilization every few weeks during peak growing seasons (summertime) in order to promote healthy growth and maintain attractive coloration. In addition, warm season varieties may require more water than their cool season counterparts due to their increased rate of evaporation.

Lawn Care Tasks

Regardless of what type of grass you choose for your Nebraska lawn, there are certain tasks that should be done on a regular basis in order to maintain a healthy yard. These tasks include mowing regularly (weekly or bi-weekly depending on your type of turf), fertilizing at least once a month during peak growing seasons, monitoring for weeds/insects/disease issues throughout the year, aerating annually if needed, removing thatch buildup if necessary, watering deeply but infrequently (no more than an inch per week), and dethatching your lawn every two years or so if needed. 

Following this basic maintenance program will help ensure a healthy yard all year round! Check out this lawn care company in Nebraska for an example of the services that may be available near you. 


Having a lush green lawn is one way to boost curb appeal while also creating an outdoor oasis that can be enjoyed by both family members and guests alike! By selecting the right type of turfgrass for your specific location in Nebraska and following proper maintenance procedures you can ensure that your yard looks its best all year long! Whether you choose warm season or cool season varieties just remember that both types require regular care so take the time now to research what each variety needs in order to look its best! Good luck!

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