Commercial Remodeling for a More Pleasant, Productive Office

Let’s face it, for most working adults, the majority of our waking time during the week is spent in our office or business location. Although, certain jobs require travel and moving to different locations, the average office worker spends the majority of their time at a desk. With so much time spent in one place, it’s important that it be a positive environment for the greatest productivity and most satisfied employees.

If you are a business owner, there are things you should take into consideration to create an environment your employees will enjoy coming to each day. Research has shown that factors such as workplace clutter, lighting, temperature, furniture and noise can all affect the productivity of employees. Here are some things to check in your office space. If you find any areas lacking, some commercial remodeling may be in order.


Studies have shown that dim lighting lowers productivity, and fluorescent lighting has been known to cause headaches. It’s a good idea to incorporate both natural and artificial light in the office. Many employees find that being near windows helps them feel more focused and relaxed. Keeping the office bright creates a more cheerful mood. Take advantage of large windows or even sky lights to allow as much natural light as possible then supplement with artificial light as needed.


In addition to more light, adding color to an office, also helps brighten the mood. You can decorate the office with colorful accent walls or murals. Bright colored furniture and accessories can also add interest to otherwise boring decors.

Open Concept

Open floor plans have greatly changed the look of many homes today. In the same way, an open layout in the office can keep people more engaged. Instead of hiding in an office, employees are held accountable when they can be seen by others. Removing walls, or at least adding windows to walls, also allows more light be be shared. When the walls come down, productivity goes up and overall morale as well as in-person interactions increases.


The drawback of a more open office can be noise. Some people work better when there’s background noise while others prefer a completely silent environment to concentrate. Try to find a happy medium, by providing a space where employees can retreat for peace and quiet if needed.


If the office is too hot or too cold, employees will find themselves distracted or not able to focus. There isn’t a perfect temperature for everyone, but try to find what most of the team is comfortable with, and update your heating and air conditioning systems as needed to keep a consistent temperature through all areas of the office.


Make sure your office furniture is comfortable, especially if employees sit for long periods of time. Also, try to space out furniture so it’s not too close together, creating a crowded and cluttered area. Providing each employee with their own space helps them feel more relaxed and less stressed, thus increasing productivity.

Some of these office changes are simple fixes while others may require more extensive commercial remodeling. If you decide more extensive work is needed, a commercial contractor can help with the design and implementation of making your office more inviting and productive.

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