Eco Home Tips – Checklist For Your Next Green Home

Looking to buy or rent a green home? These days, lots of green homes are going on the market as sellers and landlords recognise they’re in demand. But how is one to know which homes are truly green?

Here’s a checklist of features to look out for and questions to ask to determine the green quality of your next home.

Eco Home Tip 1 – Location Location Location – pick a location that’s convenient and easy to get to. Close to shops, amenities and public transport will reduce the amount of emissions that come from getting around. Inquire about the council’s recycling program.

Eco Home Tip 2 – Orient yourself with the right orientation – if a house is to have good eco principles, it will designed with the right orientation. This means that the living areas will face due north, to make the most of the winter sun while allowing the hotter summer sun to pass overhead. Sleeping rooms, meanwhile, will be oriented towards to the South to capture cool summer breezes.

Eco Home tip 3 – Cosy is not a four letter word – consider how the space is used as much as the size of it. Oversized houses utilises more resources in both construction and maintenance, while smaller dwellings are cleverly conceived can feel quite spacious.

Eco Home Tip 4 – Inquire about insulation – ask about the insulation. Higher R values means the house will better protected against extreme weather elements. See if the windows are double glazed. While you’re at it, ask about other green home features such as solar panels and solar hot water. Make your message loud and clear!

Eco Home Tip #11 Good green help – there are a few Australian green realtors, such as ecoproperty, who specialise in green listings. Check the Green Pages green directory for real estate agents who will help you find the perfect green home.

The important thing is to ask before you buy. Even if the real estate agent can’t tell you upfront, it’s important to let the market know that buyers and renters are looking for this bit of information. While no single home will have all of the sustainable features listed, at least you can get a clear picture of what the potential home has to offer.

Look for more Eco Home ideas at the Green Pages.

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