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Add Style and Convenience to Your Country Home

You may have finally found your country dream home, but something just doesn’t seem right. Country properties are often rustic, slightly run down, or simply inconvenient for day to day life. The following are a few tips and tricks that will not only make your home look amazing, but it can ease the burden of chores associated with rural life.

A Clean Interior

The biggest battle a homeowner will face while living in a rural setting is keeping the dirt and dust outside. Whether you have a working farm, children and pets that play outdoors, or simply love enjoying your land, you will have an endless amount of dirt being tracked inside. Creating a “mud room” by the back door eliminates much of this. This is a small room where family members can remove their muddy shoes or wipe the dog’s feet before entering the actual living space.

A Functional Drive

Most country homes have a gravel drive leading up to the house. These are very hard to take care of. During the summer months you have grass creeping up through the stones, and it can be close to impossible to plow in the winter without scraping away all of the gravel. A paved drive will look amazing and be much easier to care for. The excavation contractors Pittsburgh PA has to offer like Peter J. Caruso & Sons can help you complete this project.

A Welcoming Porch

What country dream home doesn’t include a big, beautiful front porch? Unfortunately this space can become a catch all for clutter. Choose furniture pieces that are both functional and comfortable. Look for benches with seats that lift up to expose a storage area. These come in wood and all weather plastic designs. Keep garden tools, toys, and other clutter hid away inside of them. Low shelving that isn’t distracting to the eye can also hold miscellaneous items.

These are just a small sampling of all that can be done to make your country home both comfortable and beautiful. Be creative, and tackle issues from a new perspective. Just like with these solutions, you may come up with some more ideas that will ease your daily chores while adding style and elegance to your property.