Fortnum & Mason’s top Christmas gifts: homeware gifts inspired by 18th-century patterns and more at Piccadilly’s top store

This is Advent, so we’re talking fabulous, twinkling fantastical windows with eye-catching red-coated cats and sleighs full of presents drawn by mince pies with wings.

In other words, we’re in Piccadilly at the world’s favourite corner shop: Fortnum & Mason.

Where else would you find a Christmas tree made entirely out of champagne glasses?

This very British institution started life when a royal footman had the inspired idea of melting down candle ends to make candles to sell back to the gentry.


£100-£150: this Piccadilly Teapot, by London ceramics designer, Matthew Warner

Today you head to the first floor for your homeware gifts including the newly launched Piccadilly Teapot, priced from £100-£150.

A good teapot is for life, not just for Christmas, and this one is by brilliant young London ceramics designer, Matthew Warner.

Fortnum’s commissioned him and had the line made in a factory in Stoke-on-Trent, as part of its laudable bid to support the Potteries.

The design is inspired by an 18th-century pattern with a distinctive flattened handle, to enable you to get an easier grip.

It’s very comfortable to use and also pours really well — which should be a given in a teapot, but isn’t always.

The white version embodies the elegant simplicity of the design but show-offs may prefer the blue version with a gold lid.

For a piece of excellent contemporary design, this is very good value.

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