Home Decor – Renovate Your Bedroom With Colorful Traditional Indian Silk Curtains

Looking for ways to redecorate your pad without burning a hole in your pocket?

Here are some tried and tested ways to enhance your old bedroom into a ravishing one. Try them out and renovate your bedroom like a king’s bedroom.

Paint Them Bright

Light shades of color may look elegant but sometimes, we need the brightest colors to boost our mood. Paint your bedroom in bright colors like yellow, pink and even red.

You may also paint and highlight one wall of the room depending upon the design of the room. Ensure that you do not end up spending a bomb on the painting. Keep your priorities clear and work accordingly.

There are a variety of paints available in the market. Certain varieties have dual shades like orange and gold. This kind of dual shading works well in the reading area too. It gives a glowing effect to the walls and a beautiful ambience to boot.

Redesign A Portion Of The House

Redesigning could encompass constructing of a new loft and patio. You may also create an illusion of space by demolishing a wall. You can convert a shelf into a loft and stock the unwanted furniture in the loft.

Convert a wall into your very own canvas and paste all your photographs including family and events. It will make the corner an interesting one as people would be curious to have a glance.

You may also enhance the room décor by changing the colors of window panes. Nothing is more exciting than creating a music lounge area in the bed room by keeping unwanted furniture at bay.

If you have musical instruments you could place them in the bedroom to greatly enhance the mood. An aesthetic look teamed with utility works well in the current scenario.

Change The Furnishing

Add glam quotient to your bedroom by making it look cozy. Change the furnishing of the bedroom as it will enhance the look of the freshly painted walls.

Ensure that your curtains are in sync with colors of the wall. You can add new curtains, cushions et al. While picking the curtains, check whether they are transparent or opaque depending on the look you desire.

Thick materials would tend to block the view as well as air circulation. Lighter ones may provide an outside view, yet may not be appropriate if you anticipate peeping toms.

Go for single colored traditional Indian silk curtains with matching valances as they will not jeopardize the décor look. You may also opt for mix and match colors like pastels shades of beige and lilac.

Opt for custom made curtains as it they be apt for the windows. The best things in life are always custom made.

Change The Lighting Style

Change the shading aspect and opt for more bright lights in the TV area. Keep a dim light by the bedside to give a subtle look to the bedroom.

For a playful mood like the coffee table area, you can use handmade cane or Chinese hanging lights. Play with the lights and different shades of traditional Indian silk curtains to reflect your mood.

So get set and renovate your bedroom to impress your family and friends.

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