Hotels Bathtub Refinishing – Hotel Bathroom Renovation in a Sluggish Economy

Hotels bathtub refinishing is combined in a hotel’s bathroom renovation to save money, time and the environment in a sluggish economy. The reason why most informed hotel owners and property managers are using hotel bathtub refinishing in their bathroom update is because tearing out a bathtub is very expensive, it is very messy and since more than one sub-contractor is involved in bathtub replacement, it takes more time than tub re-glazing. Hotel owners and property managers appreciate the fact that they can create a new bathroom without replacement.

In a traditional hotel bathroom renovation, where bathroom fixtures are replaced, just the cost of bathtub replacement even with volume discount can run from $1,500 to $2,000. On the hand, bathtub refinishing is completed in a day and the bathtubs can be used the next day. Another important consideration for hotels and others in the hospitality industry is being green. Many hotel guests are demanding that their facilities are environmentally conscious in their bathroom renovation, since 47% of all waste going to the landfills are from renovations.

Hotels can get their bathtubs refinished for about $200 to $250 when volume discount is applied. For a hotel with 400 rooms, the savings add up pretty quickly. One of the concerns of the hospitality industry as far as bathtub refinishing is concerned is the obnoxious and lingering odor that come from the professional and special coatings designed for bathtub refinishing. Today, some companies are using the latest in air-scrubbing system to capture and control such fumes. The result has been happy hotel owners and guests.

Another concern of property owners is the quality of coatings. Like anything else, coatings come in different qualities. The refinishing companies come in different sizes and shapes and all are not the same. Some property owners will chose the cheapest price blaming the economy for basing their decision on price and price alone. Remember that when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

Here are bathtub refinishing benefits in a nutshell:

Create a new bathroom without replacement

Minimal disturbance for hotel guests

Rooms can be used next day

Costs only 20% of replacement

Saves landfills- environment

Therefore, before you tear up your bathroom, because of your worn bathtubs and tile, porcelain chips and unsightly vanity tops, consider the savings that bathtub refinishing provides over bathtub replacement. Cigarette burn marks, scratches, and small chips can usually be repaired before the bathtubs are refinished.

If you are serious about refinishing the bathtubs in your hotels or hotel chain with all eyes focused on the sluggish economy, but are concerned about the effects of over-spray fumes on your guests and their health, the noise created by antiquated bathtub refinishing systems, the impact of old technology on the environment; ask questions and lots of question. Equipped with your information, let your friendly and knowledgeable tub re-glazing company help you achieve your bathroom renovation goals.

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