How To Clean Unfinished Wooden Floors

how to clean unfinished wood floor

If you have unfinished wood floors you know how tricky it can be to hold them clean up and tidy. For the reason that when your wood isn’t concluded, it basically gets a magnet for a assortment of different stains, marks and other particles, suitable? But you can not clean it the exact same way you would clear a concluded wooden flooring mainly because it is much too fragile for that. So what do you do? Nicely, if you want to understand how to clear unfinished wood ground you need to get a glance at this system.

What You Need to Get Begun

The 1st issue in understanding how to cleanse unfinished wood floors is figuring out the instruments that you need to have in order to preserve that wood ground in suggestion-top rated shape. Because it’s unfinished you want some a little bit diverse issues than with a completed wood floor and some identical types.

  • Broom and Dustpan – Just like any other hard area ground you may have in your dwelling you are going to from time to time require to sweep up filth and particles. You will need a broom and dustpan to assist with this and make certain you’re going to have the area of the flooring clean up.
  • Wooden Ground Cleaner – A little wood flooring cleaner can support you get up some of that final little bit of filth that receives caught in the flooring and make them glimpse shiny at the exact time. Just make absolutely sure it’s authorised for unfinished flooring.
  • Trisodium Phosphate – This is a liquid chemical which is actually fantastic at obtaining rid of stains in your wood. It’s quite concentrated on the other hand, so you will want a white rag and some crystal clear drinking water to go along with it so you can clear up soon after it is carried out its career. This also desires a scrub brush.
  • Mineral Spirits – A different selection for cleaning your floors is mineral spirits, which actually doesn’t comprise any substances at all and will support to get out stains easily. This is actually safer for your flooring, your household and your pets. You’ll also want a rag for this but you will not need to have h2o to wash it again off.
  • Sander – A fantastic sander can consider out definitely everything since you are in fact obtaining rid of the broken wooden solely. You will want to be mindful with this choice, nevertheless, simply because you could conclude up with apparent marks.

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And We’re Off to the Races: How To Cleanse Unfinished Wooden Floors

Phase 1

Initial, you want to try and get any grime or particles off the surface. You can commence by simply just utilizing a broom and dustpan to sweep up regardless of what is sitting down on top of the floors so you can see what form of stains you’re essentially working with before you leap in also quickly with substances or anything at all else that could likely lead to additional problems.

Phase 2

Get some wood cleaner that’s risk-free for use on unfinished flooring and dilute it with h2o to the package deal specifications. When you’ve done that you can scrub your floors meticulously with the mixture and make sure that all the liquid arrives up at the stop as as well substantially dampness can injury unfinished flooring.

Phase 3

If the stain is nevertheless there it is time to use a minimal bit distinct method, mineral spirits are typically the best option for you due to the fact they really do not have chemical compounds but they do a terrific career when it comes to acquiring out stains. Just pour a small on a rag and then use it to wipe the area that has a stain. In most circumstances, this is likely to be all you require to get the stain out and you will not have to use drinking water or anything else to get up the mineral spirits possibly.

Action 4

If you nevertheless just cannot get the stain up you may well want to contemplate employing trisodium phosphate. This is a rather excellent resolution for acquiring stains out of just about nearly anything, and specially wood. You want to make positive you’re very careful about this one having said that, mainly because it’s a powerful chemical. You want to put just a very little bit specifically on to the stain in your floor.

Stage 5

Scrub the trisodium phosphate deep into the grain applying a scrub brush. You want to get it as deep into the wood as you can so that you can get almost everything out and not have anything remaining when you are completed.

Stage 6

Use clean up h2o to rinse nearly anything remaining of the alternative off the ground. You really don’t want it to stay there and keep on to soak in. You want it entirely cleaned off with drinking water so retain flushing it out until the h2o does its occupation.

Stage 7

Wipe up every little bit of humidity with your rag. You don’t want to depart just about anything guiding due to the fact the liquid can injury your wood flooring, especially if they never have a finish or any sort of sealant on them since it begins performing its way deeper and deeper into the flooring.

Stage 8

If you nevertheless have a mark that will not occur out you can take into account sanding it down. A modest piece of sandpaper may possibly be adequate for a smaller sized mark or you could have to have a huge electric sander. Use it meticulously mainly because you really do not want to sand off as well a great deal exactly where you will be capable to recognize that it is distinctive. You just want to get the layer that retains the stain in it, which need to be shut to the prime. Make guaranteed you never go way too considerably down and that you don’t leave any tough edges even though you are sanding.

Step 9

Sweep once more to get rid of the dust left behind by your sander. You are now all set to enjoy your wood floors once again and there is no far more stain. How’s that for how to clean unfinished wooden floors?


All-in-all, it’s not that tricky to determine out how to thoroughly clean unfinished wood floors. You just have to have to have a handful of alternatives lying all over the property, and you most likely now do. So acquire a few minutes to examine them out on your own and make sure that the next time you get a stain or mark on your ground, you’re all set to go. It’s basically very quick to figure out how to thoroughly clean unfinished wood flooring.

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