Interior Design Career Help

Are you seriously considering a career in residential design? Today, after more than 24 years of a successful career in residential interior design, when I reflect on my early years I realize that it took me almost seven years of difficult times to get my career off the ground. If only I had been taught about the proper use of contracts, been exposed to order forms, given examples of how to sell my presentation boards and given more real life experiences, I would have come out of the shoot ready for success immediately.

Many of the most successful designers in the country have had to partner with business minded associates or chosen to sharpen their business skills before opening their doors. The reality is, having all the college degrees in the world can’t surpass natural artistic ability. However, there is a common language and technical knowledge that is developed through several years of college, many years of experience in the field or taking a hands on certification course written by experienced designers willing to share their hard-earned experiences to help you avoid the pit falls. There is a course that requires students to use the John F. Pile textbook the exact textbook required by the top design colleges in the country. The education course is top-notch. This is a residential interior design course written by professional designers with 20 plus years of experience, providing forms, contracts, and work experience to a valuable well-written course now available to you.

What ever path you decide to embark upon towards your dream career, be sure that it is your passion. You accomplish the impossible if you have a desire to succeed. The old saying goes that if you love what you are doing, it will not feel like work, is true. I am living proof. When it is in your blood, it is a driving force to become the best. I hope that you have found this helpful. Interior design is such an exciting career. I would never have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and experience such exciting cultures and opportunities if I hadn’t chosen residential design. With the ever-changing styles, colors, technology, and products in this career field today, it is impossible to ever be bored. Here’s wishing you a bountiful new career!

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