Interior Design Ideas From Super Talented April Tomlin

If you’re looking for stylish and chic interior design ideas, you’ll definitely want to check out the work of April Tomlin. She’s a highly talented and renowned designer who has worked on a wide range of residential and commercial projects. No matter what kind of space you’re looking to improve, Tomlin has some great ideas you can use.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at Tomlin’s design style and specifically how she decorates living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, kids’ rooms, home offices, stairs, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces. By the end, you should have a better understanding of her overall approach to design and some specific things you can do to replicate her style in your own home.

Interior Design Ideas

Living Rooms

When it comes to living room design, Tomlin knows how to create a stylish and functional space. She often incorporates a mix of different textures and materials into her designs, which helps to add visual interest and depth. For example, she paired a soft velvet sofa with a reclaimed wood coffee table and industrial metal floor lamps in one living room she designed. The result is a warm and inviting space that feels stylish and unique.

Another great thing about Tomlin’s designs is that she isn’t afraid to experiment with color. In one living room, she used a bold teal wallpaper as the focal point, which she then accented with pops of gold and white. The result is a glamorous and eye-catching space that will make a statement.

Dining Rooms

Tomlin’s talent for mixing different materials and textures also comes into play in her dining room designs. In one project, she combined a rustic wood dining table with modern metal chairs and an industrial style light fixture. The result is a stylish and unique space that feels both formal and informal at the same time.

In another dining room design, Tomlin used a more traditional approach, pairing a beautiful mahogany table with upholstered chairs and an ornate chandelier. This design is perfect for a formal dining room that is also used for entertaining guests.


Tomlin’s kitchen designs are both stylish and functional. She often incorporates unique storage solutions and unexpected materials into her designs. For example, she used reclaimed wood shelves in one kitchen she designed to store dishes and cookbooks. This not only looks great, but it also provides a handy place to grab things when you’re cooking.

In a great kitchen design, Tomlin used concrete countertops which give the space a modern and industrial feel. She paired the concrete with wooden cabinets and stainless steel appliances for a complete kitchen makeover that is sure to impress.


When it comes to bedroom design, Tomlin knows how to create a stylish and relaxing space. In one bedroom she designed, she used a soft color palette of blues and greens, creating a calming and serene atmosphere. She also incorporated unique details like a tufted headboard and vintage nightstands to add visual interest.

In another bedroom design, Tomlin used a bold color palette of black, white, and gold. This design is perfect for a luxury bedroom that makes a statement. She paired the black and white walls with gold accents and luxurious bedding to create an elegant and inviting space.

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Kids Rooms

Tomlin’s designs for kids’ rooms are both fun and functional. She used bright colors and fun patterns in one room she designed to create an eye-catching and kid-friendly space. She also incorporated storage solutions into the design so the room could stay tidy and organized.

In another kids room design, Tomlin used a more subdued color palette of whites and grays. This design is perfect for a nursery or child’s bedroom that needs to be calming and serene. She accented the room with pops of color in the form of toys and artwork to add visual interest.

Home Offices

Tomlin’s designs for home offices are both stylish and functional. In one office she designed, she used a bold wallpaper as the focal point, accented with black and white furnishings. The result is a chic and modern space perfect for working and entertaining.

In another home office design, Tomlin used a more traditional approach, pairing a wooden desk with upholstered chairs and a globe light fixture. This design is perfect for a formal office that is also used as a guest room.

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Tomlin’s designs for stairs are both unique and stylish. She used reclaimed wood in one project to create a beautiful, rustic staircase. The result is a stunning focal point that is sure to impress guests.

In another staircase design, Tomlin used concrete steps with metal railings. This design is perfect for a modern home that needs an industrial touch. The concrete steps are both durable and stylish, and the metal railings add a touch of sophistication.

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Tomlin’s designs for bathrooms are both chic and functional. In one bathroom she designed, she used a black-and-white color scheme with marble accents. This creates a luxurious and stylish space that is perfect for relaxing. She also incorporated storage solutions into the design to keep the space tidy and organized.

In another bathroom design, Tomlin used a more rustic approach with wood floors and stone tile. This design is perfect for a country home that needs a touch of elegance. The wood floors add warmth and the stone tile gives the space a luxurious feel.

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Outdoor Spaces

Tomlin’s designs for outdoor spaces are both beautiful and functional. She created stunning outdoor living space in one project with a pergola, fireplace, and built-in seating. This space is perfect for entertaining and spending time outdoors.

In another outdoor design, Tomlin used reclaimed wood to create a beautiful deck. This space is perfect for a home with a rustic or country style. The reclaimed wood adds character and charm, and the built-in seating makes it perfect for entertaining.


Tomlin’s designs are both unique and stylish. She incorporates her own personal style into each design, and her use of color, pattern, and texture is impeccable. Each space she designs is functional and beautiful, and her attention to detail is evident in every room. If you’re looking for interior design ideas, April Tomlin is a great place to start. You’re sure to be inspired by her creativity and talent.

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