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There are many occasions when remodeling the kitchen is a good idea. You may have to expand to accommodate your growing family or you can find a bit of extra money in your account after the kids have finally moved out. Either way, you want your kitchen space to be just right.

A kitchen remodel is sometimes necessary, but don’t let that stop you from designing the room that you have always wanted. Some items you purchase are going to be a bit decadent and why not? You won’t have many opportunities to create the kitchen of your dreams. So, read on to find out what items you should consider putting in your new kitchen renovation.

An Island

Built-in appliances can help streamline the look of modern kitchens
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The biggest issue that you often face when preparing a large meal is that you do not have enough worktop space. There is a lot that goes into food preparation, and a lack of room can deter you from cooking some of the best meals.

A kitchen island can give some of that extra room that you have always needed. Just pluck a tray out of the oven and place it behind you before you get to work on mixing something else. These islands make life so much simpler. What’s more, this surface area can double as a makeshift dining table. Just pull up a few stools and you can have a relaxed family meal.

Overhead Appliances

One thing that takes up a lot of the surface space in your kitchen is your appliances. A hob is necessary for everyday cooking; however, the extractor fan, microwave, and coffee maker can often get in the way. If you do not have the room to install a kitchen island, then it may be worth considering overhead kitchen appliances.

You can hang your microwave safely over the countertop, giving you the room to manoeuvre while still having quick access to the appliance.


A lot of us inherit our main appliances or focus on what is affordable when first moving into our own living space. This means that you probably have an outdated fridge and freezer sitting somewhere in your kitchen. While there is nothing wrong with these appliances, there are benefits to combining the two.

The first benefit is it creates more space. Having the two devices stored in one large appliance gives you more room to work with elsewhere. Secondly, the newer fridge-freezers on the market are designed with extra features that you didn’t know you needed, such as an ice dispenser and removable shelving. Furthermore, these newer appliances are designed to be more eco-friendly, saving you money on your bills and the environment at the same time.

Clear your kitchen counters for a minimalist vibe
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Specialist appliances

Specialist appliances, such as range cookers and pizza ovens, can take your culinary skills up a notch, enabling you to create delicious meals.

Unfortunately, not everyone is familiar with how to make New York-style pizza, which is why you can find a ton of recipes at Ooni Pizza Ovens. Distinguish yourself from your friends by providing the best fresh wood fired pizza, all from the comfort of your very own kitchen.

Warming Drawer

Another common problem that arises when trying to cook several things at once is that some dishes will need to be removed from the oven before others. Unfortunately, this means that there is a high chance that it will go cold by the time you have tended to everything else, and there isn’t room in the oven to keep it warm.

You will find a solution to this problem by planning your kitchen renovation properly. It is a good idea to factor in space for a warming drawer. These sliding appliances fit neatly into the worktop to store and warm dishes. Try to think about exactly what your previous kitchen lacked when thinking of items in your new remodel.

Designer kitchen with a grey and white colour palette
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Built-In Speakers

Not every piece of technology in your kitchen has to be practical. Spending time on a long meal can often get lonely, which is why built-in speakers can provide you with some much-needed entertainment. What’s more, you can turn meal prep into a social experience. Have everyone gather around in your new roomy kitchen to listen to the latest hits while you entertain. It has always been difficult to find adequate space for a music player, and you often have to sacrifice the idea for something more important. However, built-in speakers can remove this problem completely.

The sky is the limit when you decide to remodel your kitchen. Perhaps you will find a use for the items on this list, or you have some ideas of your own. Just make sure that you don’t compromise and you will have the kitchen you have always wanted.



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