Jeremy Renner Is Making A Home Renovation Show Called Rennervations, This Is Not A Drill

The man, the myth, the legend. Jeremy Renner.

You might think that the actor’s sudden career swerve towards community renovations comes somewhat out of nowhere, but you’d be mistaken, dear reader! As we’ve come to realize, there is much more to the somewhat underappreciated actor than meets the eye. This seemingly random interest in developing “Rennervations” — I’m sorry, but I’m going to find every excuse possible to keep typing that title out; it’s delightful – does, in fact, make a certain amount of sense. As we’ve come to realize over the years, Renner has become quite the prolific house flipper, rivaling the success of his own acting career with his apparent efficiency in finding old, worn-down houses, fixing them up, and selling them for high profits.

In that light, it’s somewhat less surprising that his interest in architecture and redecorating would finally manifest with an entire series — which you may have heard is titled, once again and with feeling, “Rennervations” — that focuses entirely on using those skills to improve the lives of entire communities who need help. All joking aside, this seems like a genuinely helpful and (hopefully) entertaining enterprise for an actor who, thanks to his many appearances as an Avenger in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, could’ve easily spent the rest of his career sitting back and enjoying his success. There is no word on whether he’ll attempt a comeback for his infamous app, but “Rennervations” will come to the Disney+ streaming service. You can trust that we’ll report on any more details as they come in.