July 2022 Light Vehicle Production Forecast update



The next reflects the S&P International Mobility July
2022 Light Motor vehicle Generation Forecast update:

The July 2022 gentle vehicle generation forecast update reflects
the blended consequences of recovering Greater China and South Asia
markets offset rather by lingering provide chain pressures in
other regions. We remain conscious of deteriorating economic
disorders. On the other hand, the automobile marketplace is previously operating at, or
in close proximity to, recessionary stages affected by provide chain worries,
the Russia/Ukraine conflict and ongoing COVID dynamics, amid other

Economic headwinds are predicted to establish far more impactful and
contribute to demand destruction in 2024 and beyond even as offer
imbalances are lessened. It will be important to preserve a watchful eye
on stock stages as the transition from source constrained to
demand pushed (and demand from customers that is finally vulnerable to macro
pressures) could be swift and change from market to marketplace.

This month’s forecast update reflects a close to-time period maximize for
Higher China because of to more robust demand with COVID lockdowns expiring
and stimulus getting outcome as properly as a more robust close to-time period outlook
for South Asia. Conversely, lingering provide chain impacts from the
modern lockdowns in China end result in downward revisions for Japan
and typical supply chain pressures continue to impact the near-phrase
outlook for Europe and South America. Even further, there continues to be a
heightened emphasis on need and manufacturing in 2024 and past as
marketplaces change from offer constrained to need affected in the
face of deteriorating economic fundamentals.


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