Make Your Back Patio an Outdoor Living Room

Imagine a cozy night sitting outside, warm by a fire, watching fireflies dot the horizon and move effortlessly around the trees behind the backyard. This dream can be realized from a stylishly decorated back patio, curated specifically to encourage sitting outside for hours on end enjoying the view. From a steel sphere pit for creative fires to comfortable chairs and mood lighting, there are a number of ways to turn a regular back patio into the social hub of your home.

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It may seem like a simple thought, but adding decor to an outdoor space can make it feel more homey and encourage people to utilize the space. One way to do this is to layer your design elements so the space looks larger than it is. This can turn a tiny patio space into a seemingly large hangout area. If your home is not adequately separated from neighbors, hanging curtains can be a great way to gain some privacy and add an airy element to your space. Finally, lighting is a major player in the vibe of your space. Use strategic lighting to promote the mood you want to feel when enjoying the space, such as dim scattered lights, or large overhead lights.


The type of furniture you choose for you space will determine how many people can enjoy the space. Choosing just a few comfortable chairs keeps the crowd small, while opting for an outdoor couch or sectional can open the party to larger groups. Make sure the fabric on your furniture is conducive to the outdoor environment you live in. If you live in a humid area, you might want to look for durable, mildew-resistant fabrics that can handle the moisture. If you live in a hot, sunny environment, think about colors that won’t be faded by sun exposure.