Man and Van: How to Save Costs on Your Moving Day

Man and Van: How to Save Costs on Your Moving Day - WhatRemovals

Relocation and moving to a new home place is exciting but expensive. There are moving costs to consider and reduce if possible.

Having your budget tightened because of a new home purchase or just because everything is quite expensive these days is a reason to opt for a bargain removal. It’s actually achievable as long as you stick to our house-moving tips.

Below you will find some expert-approved practices and hacks to consider.

Choose the Right Time to Move Out

Do you know that moving out is not at the same price all year round? There’s a substantial period that’s known as moving out the season. It’s between May and October, and as you can guess, it costs a lot.

If there is any chance for you to reschedule your removal for some other time during the year, you can definitely get a better and more affordable man and van deal. It’s also good to know that all emergency moving company services are charged double or with an extra fee.

Declutter, Sell, and Donate – The Golden 3 in 1 Saving Formula

It’s an old, gold formula people with experience in moving out will recommend you stick to. The formula steps on the rule to start the entire process of decluttering.

Through this step, you will quickly see the big picture – how much baggage you’ve got, respectively how many moving supplies you need, whether there are fragile items that need professional packing and transportation, and you name it.

After a decent decluttering, you will also see what you don’t need and want anymore. These items can be taken out of your inventory checklist and put on sale to get some extra cash and back up the moving-out budget.

Don’t get desperate if your garage sale fails. You can donate the items and feel peaceful about doing something good before the critical phase of your new life.

If Possible, Find Free Packing Supplies

Reduce the moving costs by not paying anything for concrete purchases you are supposed to do before the removal day. By all means, the moving equipment usually leaves our pockets empty at the early organisation stage.

You can, though, make savings by looking for free-of-charge packing supplies:

  • At your local supermarket, but make sure to make a request a bit earlier before the packing day. The supermarket employees might agree to assist, but to make you wait for the next stock delivery;
  • From friends and relatives that have recently moved out, too;
  • In the social media groups for moving out tips and recommendations;
  • Through charity organisations.

Borrow Moving Equipment, If Free Supplying is Not An Option

Moving equipment is very expensive in the UK these days. That’s why many people decide to sell it to get some cash after removal. Receiving it for free might not be possible for you.

You can, though, get your things packed at a zero cost, but with one obligation to perform afterwards. Simply find a place where moving supplies are given for rent. Borrow as many boxes as needed and collect and return them after unpacking.

Pack Yourself To Save Cash

A moving company can do everything instead of you – from de-cluttering to transporting your luggage, including packing it safely and professionally. In the best scenario, we would all benefit from this time-saving, stress-free option.

Unfortunately, not all of us can afford it. If you cannot, either, packing is extra from the man and van set of services you should give up.

You can do it yourself quite well as long as you skip to these tips:

  • Use most of any storage box;
  • Always arrange the heaviest objects at the bottom of the box while the lightest – ones are on top of them;
  • Pack room by room to simplify the unpacking, as well as to avoid forgetting something;
  • Re-purpose existing items in your home to save money from extra boxes if you appear short of them during packing. Use suitcases, shopping bags, TV screen boxes, shoe boxes, etc.;
  • Don’t know where to put the blankets or your winter sweaters? Turn them into packing supplies. You can wrap the most fragile items with your soft textiles at home.

Get Help From Friends and Relatives

Here’s one more great idea to save some money. Instead of hiring many technicians, save your money and have more personal help.

Leave your doubts aside and ask for assistance from your colleagues, your friends, your neighbours, and of course, your family members. They are coming with you, right? So they do have to be involved in the process, too!

Besides, you need extra hands for all those heavy items, including furniture. Instead of paying more cash for sliders, dollies, hand trucks, etc., use the strength of your friends.

Find the Most Affordable Moving Company in Your Town

By all means, there’s nothing better than letting the moving company deal with the removal process instead of you. This could be great, right? 

Moving out without sweating, not concerning how you will pack the delicate items, avoiding the risk of any injuries while lifting heavy furniture, and being guided by experts all the time – these are all good, but they cost money.

If you are smart and stubborn enough, though, you might be able to afford it. The key is to find a reliable but affordable man and van service in your town.

Please spend some time researching and be attentive to seasonal discounts, special promos, vouchers you might use, and you name it.


Moving out shouldn’t leave you in bankruptcy, but in a new home and pleasant mood to embrace the new stage of your own life.

You can afford that as long as you benefit from all saving tips throughout your organisation and plans.

We genuinely hope our affordable move-out guide will help you as much as possible.

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