Mateusz Baumiller converts warehouse into offices for Clay.Warsaw

Polish architect Mateusz Baumiller has merged deep-pink walls, velvet furnishings and wooden fixtures to soften the industrial shell of this creative office in Warsaw.

Housed in a former military warehouse from the 1930s and founded by three creative production companies – Analog/Digital, Menu and Photoby – Clay.Warsaw serves as a workplace, studio, shoot location and event venue.

Local architect Baumiller, who was tasked with overhauling the building, said he wanted to retain its loft character while creating a “homely” ambience.

Clay Warsaw offices designed by Mateusz Baumiller

“The concept grew out of the founders’ many years of experience in creative production and follows their firm belief that an inspiring work environment is one of the keys to fruitful collaboration among their producers, artists and clients,” explained Baumiller.

“For this reason, Clay.Warsaw breaks rigid studio and office conventions by merging functions with a warm and comfortable atmosphere, which fosters creativity, promotes innovation and encourages collaboration on a number of levels.”

Clay Warsaw offices designed by Mateusz Baumiller

Baumiller has therefore preserved and restored several of the building’s original features, such as the tiled checkerboard floor and structural columns.

Offices and studios have also been fronted with Crittall-style glazed doors to subtly enhance the warehouse feel. The doors can be pushed back and to allow the workrooms to flow into the adjacent social areas.

Clay Warsaw offices designed by Mateusz Baumiller

Workspaces are furnished like domestic interiors with a mix of contemporary and vintage design pieces.

A majority of the furniture, which includes comfy velvet sofas, rounded poufs and wire-frame lounge chairs, has been sourced from Polish designers and brands.

Clay Warsaw offices designed by Mateusz Baumiller

Walls have been painted a muted shade of pink, while elements like the kitchen cabinetry and desks are crafted from wood – a tactile contrast to the building’s other glass, metal and cinder block surfaces.

An abundance of modern Polish art, leafy plants and books have also been sprinkled throughout the space to add to the cosy, domestic atmosphere.

Clay Warsaw offices designed by Mateusz Baumiller

The office’s amenities include a cafe space, three kitchens – including one with restaurant-grade equipment for professional use – and a comfortable client lounge.

There’s also a conference room, a library with a curated selection of albums and magazines, as well as wardrobe and make-up rooms.

Clay Warsaw offices designed by Mateusz Baumiller

Mateusz Baumiller has previously worked alongside Mamastudio to develop the interiors for Autor Rooms, an “unpretentious” boutique hotel in Warsaw which showcases furniture and art pieces from a roster of local design talent.

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