Origin Pillow Review by Diamond Interiors

The good people at Origin were kind enough to reach out and ask me to review their range, specifically their Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow. After using it for a couple of months, I’m fairly impressed; Read on for our full Origin pillow review.

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The Origin pillow boasts a range of intriguing features from cooling gel infused latex construction for reducing heat to a plush yet supportive experience. I must say, the product most definitely does deliver on both these fronts.

I’ve been testing out the Origin pillow for a couple of months now and during that time, I have definitely noticed that my sleep patterns have improved (I tend to run quite warm overnight so this pillow has helped on that front) and I have also noticed that my neck and shoulders feel more relaxed in the mornings. Basically, I feel as if I have had a peaceful night’s rest which is exactly what you want out of a pillow!

My excitement over a mere pillow may seem odd, BUT in my defence, I’ve been looking for a great pillow for a ridiculously long time so I’m incredibly impressed and happy that I’ve found a comfortable fit! My last pillow was too soft for my needs and would not keep it’s shape, eventually becoming a flat uncomfortable experience that I would have to fold in half and then in half again just to feel supported. I was excited to see that over time, the Origin pillow has not lost it’s perkiness and although it is a soft pillow, it still provides a huge amount of neck support while also retaining its shape.

The Origin Pillow & Sleep Positions

Selecting a pillow that will suit the way you actually sleep is of course the very best way to ensure a comfortable and healthy night’s rest. I tend to sleep either on my side or on my stomach whereas my partner usually sleeps on his back and side. We decided that we’d each spend some time testing out the Origin pillow to see who it would suit best given that we both have very different pillow firmness preferences as well as different sleep positions for the most part. For me, I did find that although it was incredibly comfortable, I would have liked it to be slightly shorter in height. Sleeping on my side was perfect but sleeping on my stomach sometimes felt that my neck was just a smidgen high. This is obviously not a critique of the product’s quality as it is my own individual preference however, I thought it important to include in this review for those who also sleep lying on their stomachs. As I have a combination of sleeping positions, this was not a deal breaker for me.

My partner however found it to be at the perfect height for both side sleeping and lying on his back so I’d most definitely recommend this pillow for people who share these same sleeping positions.

Origin Pillow Review
The Origin Pillow offers a super-soft yet firm and supportive solution. This pillow has been used daily for these last few months and has not sunk or lost its shape. Most definitely a pleasant experience!

Other Features

Due to the latex material used in the construction of the Origin pillow, this product offers a hyper allergenic solution, perfect for allergy and asthma sufferers. The pillow comes with a super soft zip-up cover that comes right off for easy cleaning – Definitely a plus!

Another exciting benefit of the latex material is that it offers a plush and comfortable sleep experience while keeping its shape. Over the course of a few months with daily use, the Origin pillow has not sunk while still offering a soft and comfortable pillow that conforms to the natural shape and curvature of your neck for a supportive solution.

All in all, I have enjoyed testing out the Origin pillow over these last few months and I do not see myself having to replace it for a very long time. This pillow has now become my preferred pillow, after having tested out many, MANY different options over the years!

Founded in Germany, Origin has expanded its operations throughout eight countries across three continents in just two years! This impressive growth is testament to their high quality products and commitment to research in developing their range. Visit Origin’s website to view their collection!

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