Packing Your Belongings Before Your Move

The single most daunting task when you move is packing! Any normal person looks at all of their belongings and will say “what am I going to do with all of this?” It seems like packing your belongings will be never ending task. In truth, packing is a lot of work, but it’s also an opportunity. Packing for a move offers a chance to sort out your belongings and get rid of what you don’t want or no longer need. Just remember, that packing does take time! Leave yourself lots of time so your belongings will be properly packed before your moving company arrives at your present location.

People often ask this question. Where do I start my packing? That is really a simple question, with and easy answer. Start packing the belongings that you will not need in the foreseeable future. For example, if you are moving in the middle of the summer, you can certainly pack your winter belongings. Certainly packing the things you are not going to need first will simplify your packing. However, this is only relevant for the things you will not need for quite a while.

Usually, most people prefer to pack their belongings one room at a time and concentrate on that one room, finish packing what ever is in the room and move on to the next room. Since each room in our homes, offices or business has its own special needs, packing each room can offer different challenges.

When you pack, it is important think before your do and to have a plan so that you will be organized properly. Also, be sure to write everything down and keep good lists of what you have packed and where. For example, if you are packing any items into boxes, be sure that the boxes are labeled properly showing what you have place in that box and what room the box will be going into. It is also a good idea to number your boxes, so that when your moving company unloads the truck at your new location, you can be sure that nothing was lost.

If you will be packing by room, start from the least used room in your location. Take a section of the room against a wall or better yet in a corner for stacking your boxes. This way the full boxes will not interfere. Remember that when you stack the boxes, always put the heaviest on the bottom of the pile. Also remember, never overfill the boxes. Be sure that the flaps on the top of the box close flat.

Another important reminder about boxes is to use smaller boxes for heavier items such as books and larger boxes for your belongings that are not heavy such as clothing or linens.

As you pack you will discover all kinds of way to properly pack different kinds of items that you own. Use your imagination. Just be sure that those items will be well protected and safe. It’s important to remember that they will need to be moved around a few times until each item will be located in its proper location in your new location. Nobody wants to have the aggravation of any damage when they relocate.

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