Reasons to Buy a Trilinq Condo at Jalan Lempeng

Trilinq is one of the many modern condominium projects in Singapore. With some time still left until its official launch date, the launch is already getting a lot of coverage and for a very good reason. Trilinq Condo at Jalan Lempeng is a one of a kind residential complex developed by IOI Corporation. It consists of three different residential blocks of up to 36-storey buildings and a total of 755 units, with an amazing view of Sungei Ulu Pandan or Pandan Reservoir from every window on every floor.

Those who are planning to buy a unit at Trilinq will be able to choose from apartments and penthouses of several different sizes. As in all condominiums, the residents will be able to share all of the facilities located inside the Trilinq Condo, such as the club house.

For those who are still undecided, the breakdown of the benefits provided by a Trilinq Condo should help them see if buying an apartment there is worth it and suitable for their individual needs.


The primary concern for every future condominium resident is Singapore is definitely its location. It happens to be one of the first things potential buyers consider and the requirements depend on every individual’s occupation, family status, lifestyle and personal preferences.

The Trilinq Condo complex is located in the vicinity of Clementi Town Centre and a walking distance away from the Clementi MRT, so anyone who is rushing to their job early in the morning will not have any problems getting themselves to the transport there. Nanhua Primary School is also nearby, which is a major benefit for families with children. Other key establishments, such as hospitals, parks, malls, and restaurants, are also important and future residents of Trilinq will be fortunate enough to find themselves in the middle of a busy town center where all of these places are very accessible.


While sometimes taken for granted, safety is perhaps the most important feature expected from a residential complex. While security guards stationed at the main entrance of condominiums in Singapore is expected, the safety measures should not stop at that.

Every building at Trilinq is installed with high quality security cameras and motion sensors, and emergency exits are distributed according to all of the latest safety specifications required of modern condominiums. Security guards patrolling the floors and hallways of Trilinq Condo ensure daily 24-hour protection from any unexpected safety issues, so that the residents can sleep well knowing that they are in good hands.


When both location and safety have been taken into account, families and singles looking for the perfect apartment to move into will gladly consider the facilities available at the condominium of their choice.

Trilinq offers many possible recreational activities that future residents will be able to occupy themselves with. The club house located inside the Trilinq Condo is a perfect place to spend the evenings and weekend afternoons. You will also have a choice between dipping into the Crystal pool or taking advantage of the jogging track. The complex will also include a full-fledged gym, outdoor lounge, BBQ pavilions, and even a tennis court for every apartment owner to enjoy!

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