Recliner worth the wait after furniture store loses sales receipt

Dwayne Jackson is sure glad he kept the receipt for his purchase. After waiting several months to pick his furniture up, the store lost the paperwork.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Dwayne Jackson was looking to update some furniture in his home. He went shopping and eventually decided to buy a new dining room set and bedroom set. He paid half upfront and put the remaining amount on lay-away.

“We were going to pick it all up later,” Jackson said.

After making most of the payments on the bedroom set, Jackson called to make arrangements to have the furniture delivered. The store was closed because of COVID-19, so a couple of months passed before Jackson reached out again.

“When we went back down there; we were informed they had changed owners,” Jackson said.

However, after new ownership, they didn’t have any records of the sale of the items purchased. Jackson spoke with a manager who told him to give him a few days to talk with the owner.

“They didn’t have the bedroom set or didn’t know where it was. They didn’t have any file or anything saying we had it, but we had our receipt,” Jackson said.

About a week went by before Jackson heard anything from the furniture store. He had provided a copy of the receipt and explained the situation in detail.

“He (manager) called me back and said he spoke with the owner and there was nothing they could do. That’s when I called (News 2),” Jackson explained.

After speaking with Jackson about the case, he sent us a copy of the sales receipt, and we contacted the furniture store. The manager told us he would talk to the owner again and get back to us.

A few weeks went by before speaking with the manager again. He told us it no longer had the furniture in stock and probably couldn’t replace it. However, he agreed to allow Jackson to pick out furniture for around the same price.

“I feel great about it. As I said, you guys are awesome,” Jackson said.

Shortly after, Jackson decided to buy a new recliner for the living room. The chair cost a little more than the price of the other furniture, but the manager was willing to waive the additional charges.

“Thank you so much for helping me. I really appreciate it,” Jackson said.

The new chair looks great in the living room and has already been road-tested while Jackson spent Sunday afternoons watching football. It’s unclear if the chair will get as much work during the off-season.