Seasonal Maintenance to Keep Your Home Happy

Home maintenance and repair is a yearlong, lifelong task. There’s always something to be done, and if you let the tasks get away from you, there might be no catching up on them. Here are basic maintenance tasks for every season to keep your house in good repair all year long. 

Basements in Summer

Basement repairs are tricky, because you need to know when your flood season will be. You don’t want to repair your basement only to have it flood damaged within the weeks, but you don’t want to be unprepared either, so pay attention to when your flood damage most often happens and time your basement repairs accordingly. Spring and summer storms are usually the worst offenders.

Attics in Autumn

The last thing you want to be doing is working on your attics when the sun is beating down on your roof and heat is rising from all over the house. Save attic work for cooler weather hits so you don’t cook yourself while putting in new insulation or cleaning out old junk.

Kitchens in Winter

Wait until after the holidays are done, of course, but the long dreary days after New Year’s are a perfect time to look at redoing your kitchen. Cooking for Thanksgiving and Christmas are fresh in your mind, so you remember exactly where your kitchen underperformed and where it most needs work. 

Roofs in Spring

Roof repairs should wait until after the winter so you can assess how much damage you’ve sustained from snow and ice, as well as clearing out any leaves leftover from the fall. Don’t wait too long though; you don’t want to still be doing roof work when the summer sun starts beating down on you. That’s the ideal time to go down into the basement and start all over again.