Smart Sofas Offer Comfort and Convenience

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Upgrade your lounging experience with these connected couches

If there is anything that defines our modern era, it’s multitasking, so it’s worth asking, even when relaxing, “could my couch be doing more?” The answer is a resounding yes.

Thanks to the integration of intelligent technology, sofas have become smart, and your favorite spot in the house could become even more irreplaceable by providing you with music, heat, power, massages and more.

Here are a few options for upgrading your sofa.

Love Sac StealthTech Sound + Charge Series

Behold, a couch built for the modern living room. The Love Sac StealthTech Sound + Charge Series is a sectional sofa that is swimming in smart features—you just can’t see them. Hidden within the fine quality fabric of your Love Sac couch is immersive 4-D Dolby Digital surround sound audio, built by Harman Kardon, and multiple wireless charging stations, seamlessly integrated into the sofa, so you can experience them without immediately being aware they exist. Movies, games and music will all take on a new dimension as you feel it all from the comfort of your couch. Love Sac owners can control every aspect of their smart sofa via an accompanying app, pairing to different devices, altering volume or bass levels, and easily optimizing audio for their current configuration after rearranging these sectionals (or as Love Sac calls them “Sactionals”—get it?).

Prices vary from $6,050 to $15,750, depending on size and fabrics.

Tech Sofa

Looking for the classic couch feel but with a little extra intellect? Try Tech Sofa. This British-based furniture builder makes leather-bound sofas, from the loveseat variety to full-corner wraparounds, that are full of smart tech. Bluetooth speakers? Check. Wireless charging pad? You know it. Multiple USB charging ports and plug sockets? They are in there. But the coup de grace? Cooling cup holders—yes, while you relax your Tech Sofa will be working to keep your beverages chill. Tech Sofas also encourage users to make the most of their space, with built-in power reclining and power headrests.

Tech Sofa couches range from £1,595 (US$2,173) to £3,195, depending on size and features.

Serena Power Reclining Collection

If supreme comfort is just as important as smart features, have a look at the Serena Power Reclining Collection. This leather sofa collection comes with USB charging ports, an AC port, wireless charging, a center storage console with an overhead light for reading, power lumbar and power recline. But where it really kicks up the comfort is with its built-in massage and heat features, allowing users to choose from three relaxing massage options and radiating warmth, all controlled via an attached remote.

The Serena Power Reclining Sofa is available for $2,395.

Oren Ellis Anarbek

Want a smart couch that really looks like a smart couch? Get yourself an Anarbek from Oren Ellis. Looking like something out of Star Trek, this futuristic relaxation device is a massive, geometric marvel, replete with LED lighting—which you can control with an accompanying remote. In addition to its arresting design, the Anarbek comes with built-in USB charging ports, built-in Bluetooth speakers, a storage console and adjustable headrests.

This much style will cost you a pretty penny however. The leather-bound Anarbek is available for $7,037.

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