Summertime Home-Repair Jobs

Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of the warm days and long nights. Your home has endured a long winter, now that the weather is somewhat cooperating it’s time to get to those projects that you’ve been unable to hit. Roll up those sleeves and get ready for some elbow grease!

De-Funk the Windows

If the home’s interior is feeling dark and shadowy, it could be due to the exterior windows needing a good cleaning. Start from the lowest level and wash your windows with a homemade solution of Dawn, vinegar and warm water. Spray the windows with the hose first, then liberally spray and wipe with a cleaning cloth. Rinse and be amazed at the newfound clarity! (You can buy cleaning cloths wholesale to save you from running out if the windows are really funky.)

Treat Cracks

Windows and doors need to keep you warm and cool when those needs arise, but if they aren’t sealed very well they won’t be able to do their job. Carefully inspect the interior and exterior of your windows and doors and re-caulk as you see cracks. If you see that the weather stripping is worn or torn off, replace it. 

Touch up Paint

It’s always smart to have a sample of your exterior paint in the garage for touching up worn-looking spots. If you notice that your siding is looking a little worse for the wear, replace it as needed and freshen up with your paint. If you have no spare samples lying around, use a piece of your broken siding as a color match at your hardware store.

Taking pride in your home is one important aspect of homeownership. Make room in your summer schedule to tackle the jobs that may fall by the wayside during the long fall and winter months.