Taking Care of Your Decorative Body of Water

A decorative body of water like a koi pond or small lake in your backyard can add beauty and value to your property. It might provide the ideal spot to relax by or gaze out on during the day while you watch the wildlife flock to the water.

As beautiful as your pond or lake is, it can become a haven for unwanted guests including pests, algae, and all sorts of weeds. You can keep it clean and beautiful by hiring contractors who specialize in cleaning, pest elimination, and weed control for lakes.

Stopping Invasive Species

Your lake may attract all kinds of creatures like ducks, geese, and beavers. However, it also may become a lure for invasive species that can choke the life out of it.

When it becomes laden with weeds, its vitality could soon be threatened. Welcome species of plants like lily pads could be choked and starved of nutrients. Flowers, reeds, and other vegetation may also die because of the invasive weeds growing in and around the lake.

Removing the weeds can be difficult because of how hearty and resilient they are. Even if you pull them up by the roots, they could soon quickly start growing again because of cross-pollination or the spread of seeds across the pond. It could become a full-time battle just to keep the pond cleared of weeds.

Rather than devote time and effort that you cannot afford to spare right now, you could instead hire contractors who are equipped to battle weeds growing in and around your lake. They have the right equipment, which can include sprays and chemicals, that can kill weeds at their roots. The products also prevent new ones from taking the place of the ones that have been killed.

Weeds can threaten the beauty and vitality of your decorative lake. You may not have the time or physical talent to get rid of weeds on your own. You can hire out this job to people who are trained and ready to clean up your decorative lake for you.