The 6 R’s For Direct Marketing Success in Almost Any Business

There is a small rule of 6 R’s that you can use every time you are trying to sell a product or service to a certain market. If you break ANY of these rules, you are almost guaranteed NOT to sell your product. Read on to find out how you can apply them to your business.

Here are the 6 R’s of marketing almost any product:

1. Right person- You have to have the right sales person. People don’t buy from Slick Willy down the street, they buy from friends. They buy from people they trust. If you have not established a trusting relationship with your prospect, then good bye sale.

2. Right time- You have to be at the right time in the prospect’s life for them to want your product. If you catch them when they do not have the problem that you are solving with your product, then you don’t get the sale.

3. Right place- Your message has to be visible by the prospect. If the person cannot see your web site, store, office, billboard, etc. they won’t buy from you.

4. Right message- You have to be sending the right message to your prospect about the product you are selling. If you promise to cure a pain that they do not have, they will not relate your product to something they want.

5. Right audience- You have to sell to a hungry crowd of people that want what you have. If you have picked the wrong audience, say you are selling snow shovels to people in the desert, then you have thrown your marketing dollars out the window.

6. Right product (this is one that the so-called marketing “gurus” often forget)- You product has to be something that your prospect wants already. The product has to cure a pain that they are having. You will have a much harder time creating a product for an audience that either doesn’t want it, or doesn’t know they want it.

Those are the 6 Rs. Apply them to all of your marketing projects and you will have a much higher closing rate.

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