The discount rule system and discount coupons are different

In e-commerce system, you must have met where an online store that offers a discount, but you are required to enter some code or a code given on the site. When you enter the code then you will automatically get a discount. That’s a real example of a discount coupon, coupon code or voucher. However, in eCommerce system, there is more you need to know that your Online Store must also be able to make a discount rule or what is called discount rules. find out more

The discount rules are clearly different and any online store creation services, CMS or eCommerce platforms do not necessarily have such systems, it’s often questioned why the FilloShop marketing system differentiates discount rules and coupon codes. Okay … to be more familiar with your discount rules we will invite to reason.

Try to go to supermarkets that usually give discounts on special days, and choose one item then go sandy to pay. Then try to answer the following questions:

Are you prompted for a code?
Are you asked for a member card?
Do you have a voucher card?
If you answer all the above questions is not then that’s the discount rules system, So you do not have to bother entering the coupon code, voucher code and become a certain member.

In eCommerce marketing system discount rule is a powerful system you can even buy the system at the price of tens of millions but in FilloShop you do not have to pay for the system. And that is usually applied in the eCommerce discount rule is.

Buy one get one free
Buy one or more other free categories
Free shipping discount
X% for product or more from category
Bulk discount
Buy one get the other free
Profit for buyers with discount rules

As a buyer you definitely do not want to be bothered by filling the coupon code for a rebate, Well with the discount rules your online store buyers become pampered. And of course, the managed online store will be crowded because it does not bother the buyer to enter the coupon code. Or be a certain member, by buying the goods they want then automatically the price will be discounted.

The seller benefits with a discount rule system

You can specify different types of promotions, and this is applied to almost all e-commerce giant sites. They sometimes provide discounts without a coupon code apply a free shipping system every purchase of more products.

Does FilloShop have a complete discount system?

FilloShop gives all of those systems even the name of gift wrap, gift card, and gift certificate. Voucher codes, regenerate coupons and much more associated with discount coupons are on the FilloShop online store platform. You just need to read the documentation & tutorial how to apply it, and it is very easy to use.


After reading the above description we can conclude that,

Discounted coupons and vouchers: The buyer must enter a code or be a member to get a discount or another offer.

Discount rule: The buyer does not need to enter the code for an offer or a rebate.

vital Records

It all depends on you for marketing strategy in an eCommerce site, here again, FilloShop is just trying to provide a powerful system for your online store. We (FilloShop) never give you the best for your marketing strategy, because you are an entrepreneur who knows about your customers. Discount rules, coupon codes, gift cards and others related to promotions are good.

All of your eCommerce strategies specify which ones you will use for your online store.

Discount coupons, discount rules, gift wrap, gift cards, gift certificates, or vouchers?

At least if you want to know the marketing system used by eCommerce Indonesia then use FilloShop for your online store.