The Most Important A/C Maintenance Tips

It’s one of the most faithful and sought-after appliances, yet it receives the most abuse: air conditioning units. The most common causes of a/c failures is a lack of consistent maintenance. This rough and sturdy machine is made up of many intricate parts, all working together for optimal comfort. However, when it comes to the on-going use of indoor air conditioning Yelm WA experts say one broken part can cause the entire unit to malfunction.

Increasing the Life of the Unit

Experts point out, normally, the useful life of this type of equipment is estimated between ten and fifteen years. Preventive maintenance is based on an exhaustive review of each air equipment, which includes cleaning, checking parts, changing filters, etc.

There are three basic pillars for the proper use of air conditioning equipment: inspection, cleaning and maintenance.

Filters. Within the ac unit, there is a filter that serves to improve the quality of the air, and it needs to be changed frequently. This is a very important task since, if not done, serious health problems can be generated. When homeowners notice any deficiency in their air conditioning equipment, such as noise, bad odors or a drop in the power, filters should be the first place to review.

Outdoor Unit. The outdoor equipment is the place dirt can accumulate the most. To clean it, technicians typically use a brush, vacuum cleaner or pressure cleaner to remove the build-up of dirt and debris. They clean the various coils, including evaporator and condenser coils, and the blower wheels. Various materials is one of the main factors that affect the fans of the outdoor unit.

Checking Refrigerant. This can only be completed by a certified technician. It’s normal for the level of refrigerant to dissipate over time, and it should be checked once a year. Refrigerant keeps the air cold, and once the levels become too low, it will be necessary for a new charge. But before any new refrigerant can be added, the system must go through a full maintenance cycle. Technicians have specialized equipment like operating gauges that measure pressures and temperatures, thus only a certified tech can perform this type of service.

When You Ignore Maintenance

Maintaining your air conditioning unit increases the efficiency, but the one thing homeowners have control over is changing the filters. The sole purpose of filters is to pull and maintain dust out of the air and the unit. Trying to force air through a clogged filter will not only become a health concern but will also fill your unit with dust and small debris. It also makes the unit work harder, which will cost more money in the long run, and drive up energy bills.

It’s easier to remove and replace with a new disposable filter, however, you can vacuum, wash and reuse. Filters are elements that the homeowner can easily control, but there are several other parts of the unit that must be maintained, like the fan motor. Oiling the motor, tightening the fan belt, aligning the motors and fan pulleys and testing the blower all help to blow air into the vents.

As you can see, proper maintenance helps you get the most out of your unit and keeps it working. When homeowners neglect the appliances, they rely on the most, they often fail just when you really need them.