Tips on Making a Dark Basement Look Brighter


Basements are often lacking in natural lighting, even with an egress window or two. But it doesn’t mean that your basement should stay a dark and gloomy place. There are ways to make your dark basement look brighter.

 Making a Dark Basement Look Brighter

Bright Wall Colors

White or similarly bright colors have reflective properties that disperse light around the room. If mostly white isn’t to your taste, choose pastels or neutrals like beige. You can also add varying shades of gray to create accents or to add depth. Natural wood, appliances and other dark-colored décor can also be used to create breaks in the color.

Add Light Fixtures

Additional accent and task lighting can help brighten up dark areas in your basement and can be added without needing a full basement remodel. The following are some of the types of lighting that you should consider:

  • Recessed lighting: These fixtures go in the ceiling and do not take up headroom. Since basement ceilings are typically lower, you’ll want to have as much headroom as possible.
  • Track lighting: Track lights are switch-controlled movable lighting fixtures attached to solid metal tracks on the ceiling. They provide more flexibility thanks to their movable heads and lets you fine-tune lighting in your basement. Track lighting is ideal if you tend to move around basement décor and furniture every now and then.
  • Accent lighting: Task lamps, table and floor lamps, and wall sconces will complement your décor as well as brighten up certain spots that recessed and track lighting can’t reach.

Avoid Heavy Window Treatments

If you have several basement windows – or if your basement finishing plans allow the addition of new windows – avoid installing drapes and other heavy window treatments. Instead, use sheer window coverings. If privacy is a concern, consider getting replacement windows with privacy film or coatings on the glass, which has reflective properties that prevent passersby from seeing in, but allows natural light through just like clear glass.

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