US home’s $800,000 asking price comes with one unsettling catch

A home on the market in Fairfax, Virginia with a $US 800,000 ($1 million) price tag is going viral for all the wrong reasons.

The stately colonial-style home comes with a few strings attached.

The vendors will only accept cash offers and no access is allowed to half the property, which seems a tall order. But the stipulations don’t stop there.

The caveat causing a stir online is that whoever drops $1 million on the house must let a person live in the downstairs quarters indefinitely, without rent.

In other words, new owners will only be able to use the upstairs section of the home.

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“CASH OFFERS ONLY NO ACCESS to see lower level and Home sold AS IS ONLY with acknowledgement that home will convey with a person(s) living in lower level with no lease in place [sic],” the listing begins.

The next line reads: “Great opportunity to own in Mantua!”

The property, unsurprisingly, made it onto Zillow Gone Wild, where Twitter users joked the home comes with your very own “squatter” and suggested possibilities for the unconventional set up.

“The seller probably has a life-use agreement with the occupant,” replied one user to the original post.

“There are a lot of reasons people enter into such agreements. For example, an elderly relative can’t afford upkeep and doesn’t need the space, so they convey the title to another, younger relative, but live rent-free”.

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The home is in need of a lot of work, which the listing states clearly:

“Original windows, some with rot. Sliding door from family room would require replacement. Dishwasher not working. Powder room toilet is shut off and it leaks in lower level. Deck supports appear to be in good shape, not to today’s code and upper decking boards are in poor shape,” one section reads.

709 Prado Pl, Fairfax, VA $800,000 house with tenant living for free downstairs
Images of the home show its current poor state. (Redfin)
709 Prado Pl, Fairfax, VA $800,000 house with tenant living for free downstairs
But also perplexed Twitter users with the mess and lack of cleanliness. (Redfin)

The agent estimates repairs to the tune of $US 25,000 but one Twitter user says the photos show $US 100,000 worth of work.

However, Tweets quickly focussed on said photos, pointing out how no effort was made to present the home in a remotely appealing way.

Images show collections of empty Coke bottles, dirty clothes, broken furniture and other various mess featuring prominently in the photos, prompting users to joke the owners are “really leaning into the AS IS nature of it”.

Others simply asked, “is this a joke?”.

709 Prado Pl, Fairfax, VA $800,000 house with tenant living for free downstairs
Twitter users were quick to point out the bizarre listing photos. (Twitter)

“The care they took to include the smashed planter on the mildewed back deck,” said user @drdeeknight.

“Really like the strategy of taking pictures of the rotting back deck and broken furniture looking like a bad storm just went through and knocked everything over,” another quipped.

However, a single filthy brown hand towel received more dismayed Tweets than any other element in the home, calling it “disgusting” and “gross”.

“I’m willing to overlook so many things, but this I cannot abide,” another wrote.

709 Prado Pl, Fairfax, VA $800,000 house with tenant living for free downstairs
Which showcased a lack of cleanliness and care. (Twitter)

User @sdlezark also referenced the hand towel, plus the fact there is plastic by the fireplace in the living room and dirty jeans strewn on top of the vanity unit in a photo of the bathroom floor.

709 Prado Pl, Fairfax, VA $800,000 house with tenant living for free downstairs
“Mate, like, at least remove the brown-stained towel before doing the photos” (Twitter)

User @karenjalderman was less perplexed by the collection of empty Coca-Cola bottles lined up on the kitchen bench than she was over a particular decor item.

“is that…… a banana hammock?!?” she asked.

709 Prado Pl, Fairfax, VA $800,000 house with tenant living for free downstairs
One user was more interested in knowing what this accessory is. (Twitter)

“Selling your house in Fairfax, VA: $800k
Making your squatter someone else’s problem: Priceless,” another joked.

“So let me get this straight: a house that needs probably $100,000 worth of work on the interior and the exterior, and there’s God knows what in the lower level that I’m not even allowed to see? Where do I sign?” user @BrunoVelde surmised.

Despite the shock over the listing, Fairfax is said to be a strong housing market.

Twitter user @BoJim stated: “Fairfax? It’ll still sell within a week” – and he wasn’t wrong – the current listing has now been updated as ‘pending’ an offer.

Click here for the full listing.