Venom-Infected Moon Knight Video Game Concept Art Resurfaces

The popularity of Moon Knight on Disney+ has led to the resurfacing of concept art from a 2008 Spider-Man game featuring a symbiote invasion.


The popularity of Moon Knight on Disney+ has led to the resurfacing of concept art from the 2008 game, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, which nearly included a symbiote-infected version of the character.

The Venom Site, a website dedicated to all things Venom, posted the images on its Twitter page. It reveals two stunning concept art pieces from Spider-Man: Web of Shadows depicting different versions of Moon Knight. While the character ultimately appeared in the game as a partner to Spider-Man as he tried to take down Venom’s growing symbiote army, the developers originally planned to include a boss battle with a symbiote-infected Moon Knight. While the idea was ultimately scrapped, concept art for it did appear in the game’s closing credits.

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The artwork captures Moon Knight in an iconic pose, standing on a rooftop with the full moon framing his head. His face is shadowed by the pointed hood, and he is posed as if ready to leap. The symbiote-infected Moon Knight shares the same pose, but rows of enormous teeth replace his face, and his cape is made up of several thick Vemon-like tendrils. Compared to the game’s depiction of a normal Moon Knight, the symbiote version is particularly disturbing.

Long before Marvel’s Spider-Man won the hearts of fans and critics alike, 2008 saw the release of the first sandbox-style game featuring the web-slinger that held its own as a title separate from other media besides the comics. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is often considered an underrated entry in superhero gaming. The game not only explored one of fans’ favorite Spidey villains in the form of anti-hero and Spider-Man rival Venom, but they also made the character the central antagonist.

Another part of what makes Spider-Man: Web of Shadows great is the stakes: Peter is infected with a sliver of Vemon, leading him to constantly switch between red and black suits in the game as he tries to balance his powers with the symbiote. Meanwhile, supporting characters and villains from the franchise face the real potential for permanent death within the game.

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With Moon Knight‘s recent popularity due to the Disney+ series, it is no surprise that past forays into the character are surfacing again. The show captures the darker tone of the comics well and does not shy away from the tragic traits which make Moon Knight so unique as a Marvel property. From the separate identities of Moon Knight’s struggles with mental health to Steven Grant’s painful experiences with loneliness, the show has already explored some of the more painful aspects of the character in the first three episodes.

Those interested in experiencing the MCU’s first foray into horror can watch Moon Knight on Disney+. The first three episodes are up now, with the remaining premiering on Wednesday nights.

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