7 Ways to Open Your Door Without a Key

Having an access control system for your doors is essential for your home. There are many different types of key fob access you can choose from. The experts at Access Control Pros will help you find the right option. Following are some of the options you can choose from.

Smart Reader

The Openpath Smart Reader makes use of the patented Triple Unlock technology. It offers fast and convenient access. The system is 100% touchless. When you want to unlock it, all you have to do is wave the key card and fobs that have been given. Following are some of the different models of smart readers you can choose from.

  1. Standard Smart Reader: It is available in black and white. The Standard reader can be flush mounted inside a single gang box. It provides a slim profile surface. If you want you can mount the reader on the wall.
  2. Mullion Smart Reader: When you are looking for a smart reader that can be installed in a limited space, Mullion Smart Reader is an excellent option. It can be easily installed in spaces like door frames.
  3. Video reader Pro: It works to automatically associate the video footage to the access events, alerts and motion. This type of smart reader has a visual monitor installed at the entry.

Card/ Fob Reader

Kantech card system uses 128-bit AES encrypted communications. It has the Entraps Security Software, which is included in it. When looking for a highly-secure system, this is a great option. Access to the door can be granted through carbs, fobs and mobile devices. You will also receive emails from the system based on the information you want and when. The interface offered is easy to use. It makes use of innovative technology. This helps provide you with progressive solutions that you can easily deploy, configure and manage.

Keypad Entry

  1. Camden CM-120 Flush/ Surface Mounted Keypads: This system can be easily installed indoors and outdoors. It is a model which has been designed to be vandal and weather resistant. As it is a keypad entry access control system, the metal keypad is back-lit with stainless steel buttons.
  2. Camden CV 110SPK Slim Line Proximity Keypad/Card Reader: It is a slim-line single door multifunction keypad entry system that can have over 2000 users. Access can be with the help of a card, 4 Digit Pin, a Card + PIN option. To ensure that the unit is waterproof, it has been potted fully. It comes with a built-in proxy card reader that uses 125KHZ EM cards. This type of keypad entry system has a 26 bit Wiegand input and output. Allowing the unit to also be used as a dual credential access control system device.

Reach out to the experts

When looking for any access control solutions, reach out to Access Control Pros. Whether you have any questions or are confused, they will help you with your needs. From making a decision to installation they will take it on themselves. They provide end to end solutions.