What to Look For in Your Moving Company

Moving ranks as one of the top three most traumatic experiences you’ll ever go through. The sheer volume of work – from packing, to lifting, to rearranging all of your possessions in a new space – is undeniably daunting, especially if you have a two or three bedroom house. Moving your kids and getting settled into a new job only add to the stress and confusion. Finding a reputable moving company who will treat your possessions with professional courtesy is not as difficult as you may think. By following a few simple guidelines, you can make your next move stress free by finding an experienced and dedicated moving company.

As many philosophers will advise you, experience is the key to solving life’s difficulties – and that includes the process of safely transporting a lifetime of furniture and accessories to a new home.
The best moving companies are those that advertise their years of experience, not their rock bottom prices.

A trustworthy mover’s principal occupation is the art of transport. Generally, those moving companies that have existed for decades have built ties with the local community and its business circle, ensuring that they are motivated to continue providing excellent service to all their customers.

Fly-by-night affairs that trumpet their cheap rates usually also have a tendency to misplace items or provide poor customer service. No matter how little such an outfit costs, the amount of stress that this type of service generates is never worth the price, especially in the middle of a big move, when you have several hundred other concerns to occupy your time.

Professional moving companies make moving their priority, so that you can focus on all the other challenges associated with this major life changing event. The finest moving companies often form multi-state affiliations or networks with other reputable moving companies, allowing for a smooth transition across state lines. No matter where you’re going, a great moving company will be able to provide you with solid service through its time-honored, trusted network of associates.

Ultimately, the best way to choose a moving company is to think of them as a temporary branch of your family. These are people who will be helping you relocate your life. Like family, you want people who value the same things you do – commitment, honesty, and above all, professionalism.

Always avoid the cheapest listings; these companies only want your money, and don’t want to do the work. Instead, select a company that can literally deliver on its promises, based on years of accumulated experience and a solid reputation. Why add to the trauma? By hiring an experienced, community based relocation service, you’ll be saving yourself a great deal of time, money, and stress.

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