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(BPT) – If you’re a cat owner, you know your furry family members enhance your life in many ways with their curiosity, cuddles and unique personalities. Being a pet parent, you want to return the love by doing everything you can to ensure their health and happiness, but it’s not always clear how you can make the biggest impact.

While pet parents know that properly caring for their cat includes love, affection, regular vet visits, lots of play and providing essentials like complete and balanced food and clean litterboxes, experts agree that going beyond the basics can truly help your feline friend thrive.

Here are three proactive steps you can take to help your cat stay healthy and happy so they can live their best life with you:

Learn litterbox patterns

Did you know your cats’ litterbox habits provide important insight into their overall wellness? That’s why a team of Purina behaviorists, veterinarians and data scientists, developed the Petivity Smart Litterbox System, which uses artificial intelligence to learn a cat’s unique litterbox patterns and identify subtle but meaningful changes in weight, frequency, waste type and elimination schedule.

Often unseen by cat owners, these patterns identify changes that may be associated with health conditions like diabetes, kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, urinary tract infections and obesity. While the Petivity Smart Litterbox System is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate or cure any conditions, it alerts you through the Petivity app when a change may require attention or a visit to your veterinarian. Seeking veterinary advice early in identifying potential issues can help unlock better outcomes for your cat.

How does it work? You place the monitor under each litterbox in the household, and the sensors gather precise data on each cat’s weight and important litterbox habits. In addition to receiving alerts through the app, you’ll receive frequent insight reports with helpful explanations and tips for managing your cat’s overall well-being.

The smart system can be used in households with up to three cats and with most standard litter and litterbox sizes.

Spot health problems early

Just like your own health, if you can catch a pet’s health issue early, you increase the chances of a better outcome. One big step is annual wellness checkups that allow professionals to examine your cat and conduct tests. This is also an important time to update vaccines to protect them and the humans they’re around.

With the rich data that the Petivity Smart Litterbox System provides, veterinary professionals can get a holistic view of your cat’s needs so they can evaluate potential issues early, see the bigger picture of what might be occurring internally and provide proper guidance and advice.

Additionally, pet parents should always be alert for any changes in their cat’s behavior, health or physical appearance and call their vet for advice.

Provide mental stimulation and engagement

Don’t forget to support your cat’s mental health and provide your cat with ample mental stimulation and engagement.

It’s important to support your cat while you’re not available to provide dedicated attention. For example, if you work out of the house, place an interactive toy in a favorite hangout spot for them to find. Another idea is to use a puzzle feeder as a fun, engaging way for your cat to enjoy a few treats while you’re away.

Remember, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to pique your cat’s curiosity. Add a soft blanket or shirt that smells like you to a favorite lounge spot for nesting before napping. Also, don’t forget how much fun empty cardboard boxes can be to explore, so leave those out for a day or two after deliveries.

With these tips and more, cat lovers can play a proactive role in the lifelong health of their pet through smart care.

To learn more about the Petivity Smart Litterbox System, including how and where to purchase, visit Petivity.com.


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