Scrub Daddy Damp Duster Review

A little while ago, we received a box of goodies from the good people over at CleanHQ and we’ve been busy testing them all out – You can checkout our recent review of the Original Scrub Daddy here! Today, we test out the Scrub Daddy Damp Duster to see just how well it compares to traditional forms of dusting around the house.

I’m used to using a combination of a traditional duster with an extendable handle and a damp cloth to dust around the house. Now, the duster bothers me because it basically just moves the dust around rather than removing it altogether so this has ended up being just a handy tool for getting rid of spiderwebs or specks off the ceiling. I use a damp cloth to wipe away dust off surfaces and then rinse it out and throw it into the laundry.

Damp Duster Review
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When I first saw the Damp Duster, I thought to myself “Well, how will this be any different to using a damp cloth to clean?” After all, I still have to add moisture to it and clean it after every use…


Well, I was pretty surprised at just how handy and effective the Damp Duster actually was in comparison to my usual methods of dusting my home; After adding moisture to the sponge, I went ahead and wiped down my timber furniture. You will notice in the video below that I have timber furniture with lots of grooves and texture to it. Cleaning these surfaces with a damp cloth was ok but I most definitely noticed a few key differences when using the Damp Duster instead that I hadn’t realised were a problem before: A damp cloth won’t actually pick up ALL the dust and dirt, especially not in any grooves on textured surfaces and secondly, I have to throw it in the washing machine after each use.

Where the Damp Duster was different was that dust and dirt instantly attached itself to the sponge, making cleaning up much more efficient. After all that yucky stuff had seemingly become one with the Damp Duster, all I had to do was rinse it off under the tap.

That was it.

I was done.

Up until this point, I had not realised how inefficient and quite frankly, annoying my cleaning process was before. The video below shows the process from start to finish – I should point out that I had deliberately ignored dusting this piece of furniture for about a month (gross!) for the purpose of this review to make sure I had a good, dusty surface to work with!

The ridged side of the Damp Duster was PERFECT for getting into that timber grain and pulling out all those disgusting dust particles. I didn’t have to go over the surface with a dry cloth either, it was just so much more efficient than I had ever expected! After all that, I just gave it a rinse and squeeze and that was it, it was clean and I was done. The Damp Duster can be re-used over and over again, making it a much better fit for cleaning up around the house than disposable options – Definitely a huge plus in my book!

If you are like me, wondering just how this little sponge can be an effective replacement for using a damp cloth, do yourself a favour and try it out. I can guarantee that you will be just as pleasantly surprised as I was at how much more efficient and economical the Damp Duster actually is. The Damp Duster can be used to clean both flat and textured surfaces, blinds, baseboards, mirrors and more!

CleanHQ stocks an impressive selection of cleaning products for the home. What I love about their range is that most items can be re-used with minimal fuss, doing away with single-use and disposable cleaning products from the home. Aside from this exciting quality, their cleaning products are incredibly effective and so far from what I have experienced, they truly do deliver on their promises!

Claim a generous 20% discount off your order of $50 or more over at CleanHQ using the discount code: CleanHQVIP.

Scrub Daddy Damp Duster Review
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