5 Reasons to Consider Hiring a Denver Spider Exterminator

When there’s a prime year for insects or other popular spider food, spiders can rapidly increase in population. They love to live in dark, moist, warmer environments protected from the elements. Denver has nearly year-round sunshine, and that means spider activity never really slows down. Although most spiders in Colorado are harmless, it’s never really a good idea to let them get out of control in your home or business. If you see any of the following signs and symptoms, you might want to consider consulting with a Denver exterminator.

More than One Infestation is Present

Seeing one localized infestation can be scary enough. If you only have one infestation, you might be able to control that on your own. If you see more than one hotspot, you’ll want to consider professional help. Different spider breeds lay eggs and hatch at different timed intervals, potentially leading to more concurrent infestations.

You See Multiple Webs

Multiple webs around windows, doors, and under the ledges of a building are a sign of an infestation. The spider population can often increase during one or two months of the year. Webs will often contain not only more spider eggs but also spiders.

You See Large Numbers of Dead Bugs

If you find multiple kinds of dead bugs in the same areas, this indicates that the spider(s) will only be getting larger. More mature spiders(s) will eventually lead to more spider mating, leading to more spider infestations.

Recent Construction Existed Nearby

If recent construction was nearby, you might see an increase in spiders or spider types. Spiders left the construction area and are seeking a new place to live. You might also see an increase in ants, other insects, or even rodents, which could be attributed to the new construction as well. You might be surprised by seeing these more prominent than normal populations appearing in your space as it wasn’t happening at the usual time of year. More spiders always mean more eggs. More eggs always mean more of these critters deciding your home should be their new home.

History of Infestations

When you move from one location to another new home and begin placing your belongings where you want them, you might notice random spiders appearing on the walls or in the basement. They are not comfortable with the new and different vibrations the recent activity brings with it. If the spiders increase to a point where you see them daily in multiple rooms, it might signify that the previous owner had recurring infestation problems. Home inspections do not always look for insect infestations unless requested. If a home had previous infestation issues, there’s a good chance spiders will return as it was once a comfortable and inviting environment.

A professional exterminator can take care of multiple areas at once and eliminate the problem as quickly as possible. They’ll use various tools, techniques, and pesticides to get rid of spiders from all over the place at one time.