How to repair chimney like a Pro

Cleaning and filling cracks are the two primary methods for repairing chimneys when leaks occur. It is possible for a chimney cap to crack due to the shrinkage of the mortar. Lime-based mortar crumbles over time, so sealing it with a masonry caulking compound prevents that from happening. Here in the article we will discuss all the related steps of DIY chimney repair

Proper Chimney Inspection

The problem with leaks in chimneys can stem from poor sealing or a bad roof. Let’s understand how to fix a chimney leak. The first step you should take is to inspect the bottom, sides and back of the chimney for leaks. You should check the stones for “fireplace flashes”. These are metal parts that mix with the building material when building a fireplace. The mortar expands through these pieces of metal, resulting in cracks. A suitable sealant should be used to fill cracks.

Clean your Chimney

Cleaning the chimney not only helps improve efficiency, it also maintains the safety of the chimney. Regular cleaning will help reduce the risk of a chimney fire. Over time, substances such as soot and creosote will build up in the chimney. This causes two problems, namely the smoke from the door or the opening of the chimney and the possibility of a chimney fire. Creosote is a flammable material and can cause a chimney fire. Before you start cleaning a chimney, safety precautions should be taken. The fireplace grate, furniture and other materials near the work area must be properly covered. A vacuum cleaner should be used to remove dust during cleaning. The brush used for cleaning is attached to flexible rods and lowered into the chimney from the top. Enough sticks should be installed so that the brush can reach the bottom of the fireplace and the cleaning is thorough. The brush is worked from top to bottom to clean the chimney. A flashlight is handy for properly cleaning a fireplace. “Lock-Fast” and “ProFlex” are two types of posts used to clean narrow arch chimneys.

Chimney Crown Repair

Crowns act as protection for the fireplace, bricks, mortar, and joints of the chimney. The first step to repairing a chimney crown is to mix masonry cement and pea gravel together. With the help of a hoe, you can mix the mixture in a wheelbarrow. In order for the mixture to have the proper consistency, water must be added. It is not necessary to add one cup of bonding agent until the mixture has reached the exact consistency. A hammer and chisel should be used to break the concrete apart before the above-mentioned mixture is prepared. It is recommended that a drop cloth be laid on the roof before the process begins in order to protect it. As soon as the crown has been constructed, the mixture must be spread around the flue. The cement can be cut with a trowel to release air bubbles.

Consequently, chimney repairs are an important part of home maintenance. Maintaining chimneys in good shape will be easier if you follow the above mentioned chimney repair instructions.