Feng Shui Interior Design Tips For General Wellbeing

This ancient Chinese notion can help us in designing and decorating each part of our premises, including the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and even the yard. In this article, we offer some easy tips for improving indoor rooms.

Bedroom feng shui interior design: the bedroom is the place where most of us spend over eight hours a day, which is a large enough period of time to consider improving this room particularly. Specialists advise using calming and relaxing shades in this room, such as warm and light pastels. It’s also advised to have furniture with rounded corners, which will help to smooth everything out. You may want to use a red object in the bedroom to promote love between you and your partner.

Living room feng shui interior design: The living room is the place where the whole family gathers together to chat or have some family fun. This room needs to have the freest possible flow of good Qi energy. Here’s how you can achieve it: add light to any dark corners (lamps, mirrors) and free up space by removing any unnecessary furnishing items. For the same purpose, try to arrange the seating in a semicircle or octagon, and move the seating that may be blocking the windows. Make sure that the chairs and sofas make it possible for those sitting on them to see the living room door.

Kitchen feng shui interior design: the kitchen is another popular place to be. Here, you may also want to use light colors, but cooler than in the bedroom, such as light blue and light green. Using utensils and appliances made of stainless steel can also add to the beneficial flow of energy. If you have an overabundance of any element in the kitchen (wood, metal), try to add other elements to balance the room. If you have too much wood, you can add metal accessories. If you have too much metal, you can add a plant that will constitute wood.

Bathroom: The bathroom is the place that cleanses us and our homes from negative energy. The entire sewer system serves to cleanse us and our homes, both on the physical and the subtle energy level. It is advised to have a very bright and pleasant lighting in the bathroom, in order to help it get rid of the bad energy. You can also consider installing a small window in here, to help natural light penetrate into the room.

Try to liven up the bathroom with attractive objects, such as plants, vibrant sponges, and soft mats. You may also want to consider starting to use aromatic oils in here. You can either have a special bottle that’s always opened, or simply add a few drops of essential oil into the bath water each time you take a bath.

Listen to your intuition and do some minor changes, and you will soon feel the positive energies starting to flow freer in your entire home, improving your life as a whole.

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