How to Edge and Trim Your Lawn for a Professional Look 

How to edge a lawn: for a professional finish |

If you want your lawn to look its best, edging and trimming are essential tasks. While edging and trimming are often confused with mowing, they are actually two separate activities that require different tools and techniques. This post will explore the differences between edging and trimming and provide tips on how to do both properly. 

What is Edging? 

Edging is the process of outlining your lawn’s perimeter with vertical lines. This creates a crisp edge along driveways, sidewalks, curbs, flower beds, gardens, or other structures. It helps define the shape of your lawn while also preventing grass from encroaching on other areas of your yard. 

Edging can be done manually by hand with a flat spade or edger tool; however, it can also be done mechanically using an electric edger or trimmer. Regardless of which method you use, it’s important to remember that the goal is to create clean lines between the turf grass and hardscape surfaces. 

What is Trimming? 

Trimming involves cutting back trees or shrubs that have overgrown their boundaries in order to maintain their size and shape. This typically involves using either hand-held shears or an electric trimmer to cut away branches that are too long or crossing over one another. It’s important not to overtrim as this can lead to excessive damage or even death of the plant if too much is removed at once. 

Additionally, proper pruning techniques should be used so that only healthy growth is removed while leaving behind strong new growth for future development. 

Benefits of Properly Edging & Trimming Your Lawn 

The most obvious benefit of properly edging and trimming your lawn is improved aesthetics—a well-manicured lawn will make any property look more attractive and inviting! But there are plenty of other benefits as well; for example, trimmed trees provide shade during summer months which can help reduce cooling costs for homeowners. 

Additionally, properly edged turf grass helps prevent weeds from invading flower beds since there is no longer an entry point for them in the form of overhanging grass blades! Also, neatly trimmed plants ensure they are free from disease-causing pests such as aphids or scale insects which may otherwise weaken them if left unchecked.  


In conclusion, edging and trimming play an important role in maintaining a healthy and attractive lawn. By creating clean lines between turf grass and hardscape surfaces with edging tools—and by removing excess growth with pruning shears—you can keep your outdoor space looking its best all year round! Plus, edging & trimming offer numerous additional benefits such as reduced cooling costs due to shade provided by trimmed trees & shrubs; improved weed control; and protection from disease-causing pests! 

For these reasons (and more!), it pays off in the long run to take the time each year to properly edge & trim your yard–your wallet will thank you later! Check with a lawn care company near you to see if they offer these crucial services.

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